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Discovering Balance and Meaning in Everyday Life

Our focus and attention create our point of attraction unconditionally whether we are aware of it or not.

With our conscious mind, we tend to analyze and judge data. This is the masculine energy in action. But the point of attraction does not work that way, particularly within relationships. We used the process of thinking, planning, making a judgment and using references to past experiences from our memory to determine the truth. The masculine principle requires the feminine principle to create wisdom. The love we feel is the resonance of truth whether good or bad experiences. The mind holds them in our memory and accepts them as truth deep within the subconscious mind which is separate from love due to fear, like false evidence appertaining real. When we, as individuals seem and act with fear, the feelings of fear distort the truth. In fact, these feelings come from the spirit self, as it does not agree with your focus of attention or your self-talk coming from the conscious mind and the fear and lack of awareness of the truth. These feelings are guidance from within our being, that the thoughts that we are focusing on are deficient and that they will manifest in your life as we are co-creators with” All That Is”. So, our heart prompts us in one direction and the fearful mind prompt us in another direction out of fear. Hence we have two masters. At some point in the future, the mind will furnish us with the stored thought which will be triggered by certain feelings of fear. Our bonding with this old feeling will keep attracting the same outcome through the Law of Attraction, the same type of partner. 

Thought patterns that become permanent do not allow for new perceptions and discoveries. By only depending on the conscious mind which stores data that is obsolete we ignore our superior mind (Higher Mind). This limits us from accessing the super conscious mind which is available to all. This super conscious mind gives access to all who attain the awareness within themselves of their oneness to "All That Is". So it is a little wonder when we have a resistance to change our beliefs, ideologies and our accepted truths that any new wisdom emerges. Resistance to change keeps false assumption as our truth and limits our power. It used to be said that knowledge was power, but what is now taking place is wisdom. For what is knowledge without wisdom? One must know what to do with the knowledge that one has acquired and one must utilize this knowledge for all.

As a self-aware intuitive aura reader and spiritual teacher that work directly with spirit through the divine impulse of unconditional love to remove blocks within the conscious mind. It has come to my attention that within the human conditions we all have a specific point of attraction which enables us to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. With our conscious mind, we tend to analyze and judge data. We used the process of thinking, planning, making a judgment and using references to past experiences from our memory to determine the truth. Whether good or bad experiences but there is an inner intelligence within the heart always speaking to us. The mind holds assumptions and false truth that block us from having the experience we want within relationships. The separate mind knows nothing about what love is.  We tend to accept old belief systems that are stored in our conscious mind and false truth in our memory and accept them as truth. When we, as individuals seem and act with fear, the feelings of fear distort the truth.  In fact, these feelings come from the spirit self, as it does not agree with your focus or your self-talk coming from the conscious mind. 

Find the truth of your assumptions by shifting to the wisdom within your relationships. Everyone makes assumptions. But are they good for us? We do it all day long. We use our own God-given imagination to dream up the ‘what if’ and the storyline that we summon into our own life experiences. Our focus and attention create our point of attraction. We assume that the self-talk going on in our separate mind is right without testing its origins. Let say, we want a raise in our job. We assume that we won’t get a raise if we ask for it. If we’re really stuck, we assume that there’s nothing we can do to change our lives for the better. So we take the path of least resistance and do nothing, due to listening to our self-made belief and imagination that our self-worth does not need empowerment. One’s self-worth is rediscovered by listening to the ‘inner teacher ‘The "Higher Self" while in meditation. Our own inner knowing becomes more self-realized. But the truth is, we all have faulty assumptions and accepted truths. We have lots of them in every area of our life, particularly within relationships.

Consider that if everything you believed were true, you’d have exactly the life you desire. But that is not the case. Your own direct experiences tell you that everything you believe must not be true if everything you believed about relationships were actually true, you’d have more good relationships that work for your good. So if your life is lacking in some way, then your belief system is not true. When we hold faulty beliefs, we make faulty assumptions. It’s a trap because testing all of our assumptions is a great way to find the truth. Jesus said what truth is. He said "test truth". Rather than assuming a course of action is doomed to fail, put the universe to the test and make it say “no". But do test the possibilities of the creative thought for this is the only way to know for certain.

Try these steps to learn the truth within your relationships. Pick 5 areas of your life that could use improvement. Perhaps it’s your self-esteem, or your finances, it might be your love life and your career. The areas in which you’re struggling are the areas with the most incorrect assumptions. Seek out the truth of your actual experiences. The things that are right in front of you and come into your awareness daily are the things that require change. Seek emotional fulfilment in all you do. It would be wise to pay attention to thoughts of receiving emotional fulfilment rather than thinking and focusing on the thought that keep attracting reason for your partner not meeting your emotional needs.

Find someone that’s doing better in your areas of interest. We all have a co-worker or friend that seems to defy all logic and have a high-level of success. Have the awareness to examine your present beliefs systems. Have the courage to change them. Maybe you have a co-worker that always seems to get the best bonus or the promotion, in spite of appearing average or even low performing. Look at your set of beliefs about yourself. See where you adopted them and why?  Could you have accepted a belief .could you be wrong? Is there a way to test your hypothesis and discover the truth? Keep in mind that a solid experiment requires more than a single test. Meditation supports one to disassociate from fearful thoughts and ideas.

Keep testing your beliefs and assumptions. There are numerous times each day we don’t try because we assume we’ll be told “no.” Find out if you’re actually right. Certainly, you can remember a time where you knew you would be told “no,” but you went ahead and asked anyway, and much to your surprise, everything worked out. How many other times might that happen if you simply tried? For a month, give yourself the gift of testing out every possibility that comes to mind, without risking life and limb. There’s no reason to prove that you can’t flap your arms and fly. But ask the object of your desires out on a date. Apply for the job you’re sure you can’t get. Put your online business idea into action. After a month, you’re sure to find you were wrong about many things. 

You’ll also discover that the times you were right weren’t nearly as painful as you anticipated. Learning how to deal effectively with the world requires stretching yourself and gaining experience. As you discover new distinctions, your perception of the world will change and your approach to life will see positive benefits. With new discoveries and new perceptions, you will increase your awareness of the possibility that present to your mind.

Remember, it is the experience and the thoughts produced by the individual from their belief of what is true for them and are allowed to enter the mind that creates and foothold. As long as people live in duality they will be subverting their transcendent soul nature which is love and replacing it with egoist involvement of the feeling in our heart of likes and dislikes which causes indiscriminate attraction and repulsion through the "Law of Attraction". While here on this planet, our task is to realize our true consciousness and to become aware of higher states of consciousness while we put on the mind of the intelligence of “The only Begotten Son” of “I Am All That I Am” which is the Divine intelligence. The ability to perceive God through direct experience is only one breath away. Be still and know "I Am All That I Am”.  For God is not separate from His creation. God created the many and the many knew Him not. Your higher consciousness is not something you have to get, or obtain, or even develop it, is available at all times. 

To connect to it all, one would be wise to do is desire the truth of their being. Since our focus is on and in the world, we attach all our focus and attention to the physical. This hides from us the truth of our being and in whose presence we have our life experiences in. Our focus on individuality and being separate from our good created our fear. We all seek the good. To communicate with God, one requires stillness. In the stillness, one will develop new perceptions and discover a new awareness of one’s being. With the practice of meditation, one will still the separate mind that feels separated isolated and always focusing on negative non-constructive thought through fear. You could say the word (S.I.N. - Separation, Isolation  and Negativity). There is not one person who does not seek love and their good. But due to the apparent absence of good, we created the idea of evil. When God created the world He saw it was good. Could you perceive changing the word of God to Good? Then the Good we all are seeking is God. If we accept this then the good I am seeking is life experiences that bring me joy, bliss, and truth. The good I am seeking is the substance of God” I Am All That I AM” I know the God loves all His children so the good that is there for me I ought to have. But fearful thought and negative beliefs keep us bonded to limitations.

It is the belief and attention we put on the separate ego of our individuality that obscures the realization of the reality of the self. It is our only focus on the ego ideal that keeps fear alive. The ego only deals in form and what it can possess. This keeps our identification hidden and bonds us to act out of fear, forgetting the spirit within. The true Self as God created it. As one practices meditation and put on the mind of the true intelligence of the perfect reflection of God, one embraces the principles of unconditional love. Then by living with these principles, one becomes enlightened and aware being. The inner teacher is awareness itself and is your guide and teacher to bring you home to your true one Divine consciousness.  Behind your Christ consciousness is the supreme consciousness " I Am All That I Am” in who Divine presence you have your life experiences.

The separate mind can only come in contact with the vibratory sound of "Om" and the Divine presence when it is still. As long as the separate mind is entering thought, it will not become aware of every present, eternal and infinite Divine presence signified by the supreme being ” I Am All That I Am”. The turbulence of the separated mind is always focused on fear and the idea of separation from its good. The subtle energies cannot be picked up by the separate mind. The separate mind cannot comprehend anything that is more subtle than itself. The cosmic vibratory sound of "Om" has within it the Divine intelligence of pure love. So when you receive feedings of pure love within your body and consciousness, know that you are blessed. As you experience Divine bliss in ever increasing new bliss, you are making direct contact with "I Am All That I Am” through the perfect mind of the God’s consciousness of absolute stillness and oneness which vibrates through all creation.

As we seek love outside ourselves in others, we are one principle seeking the opposite principle in others to create wholeness. But what we may not aware of is, there is an interior point of attraction which fits like a lock and key. Which then create the resonance of truth actually felt within the whole body as love. As I work directly with the Divine teachers and masters who shine wisdom and light into all situations. I am here for all who resonate with what I have written as it is my truth.

If you feel I can help you change your point of attraction, connects you to your guides and inner spiritual teachers release old fears, please call me. 

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