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My journey has led me to deeply contemplate the concept of destiny. I, like many others, have often wondered if our destinies are set in stone or if we can influence them through our actions. This question is not only philosophical but also psychological and spiritual. It affects how we perceive ourselves, our lives, and the world around us.

Destiny can sometimes feel like a long and winding path with numerous detours along the way. These detours may seem to change our destiny, but they are merely part of it - necessary for ensuring lessons are learned even when mistakes are made.

The power of free will cannot be underestimated in this context. Our ability to make choices results in consequences that shape our lives and potentially alter what we perceive as our destined path.

Also, unless we are living a sole destiny that involves nobody but ourselves, then there will certainly be detours along the way.  For example, if you were planning a vacation alone, then bar any surprises you will have a good idea of how time will be spent. If one or more parties joined in, then you are also involved with their plans, and you will not be able to control this as an individual. The same applies to relationships, working environments, etc. 

In Buddhism, the concept of destiny or fate is called Niyati. Niyati refers to predetermined, inevitable, and unalterable events.  At the same time, there is a strong influence on past Karma, every person can exercise free will and influence the course of both life and death. Simply meaning our destined path can be ‘altered’ by controlling our thoughts, values, and actions.

When reading a book or watching a film, although not real life, there is always a beginning, middle, and end. This does reflect our lives in the sense we begin one way and end in our individual destined situation, but what goes on in the middle can switch and change many times during our lifetime.

If our lives were simply black and white and everything could be predicted precisely including exact dates and times, it would lead to somewhat of an emptiness with no surprises. And life can be full of them, good and bad.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Anya P

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