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DIY Colour Test

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I first began giving colour readings in a virtual sim world, where I had created a land dedicated to the Divine Goddess. Whilst I had created plenty of opportunities for visitors to meditate or chat amongst themselves, I wanted to add something a little more interactive and pleasing on the eye. I already gave Angel Card readings in this virtual paradise and as a qualified Colour therapist it was a simple progression to add colour readings to my repertoire. Being a techno-bimbo, I had an I.T. designer develop some colourful Chakra animated bunnies, alongside a couple of normal coloured ones, for good measure.  I would then ask visitors to sit in the garden area and tell me which of these rabbits drew their eye and from this I was able to fully develop my colour test, that I went on to use with individuals from across the globe, with great accuracy!

Nowadays my psychic work takes up most of my time and sadly I have left the virtual world behind, having placed my bunnies in hibernation with a good supply of virtual carrots of course. For this blog I thought it would be nice to share with you how this test worked, so that you too, can have a go at a quick and simple D.I.Y colour test. Try it on both yourself and on your friends. Remember practise is the key here!

In my last blog I suggested you could use the felt tips, but ribbons, pieces of card, buttons even, would all work equally as well, the important thing is that they are identical in shape and size.  You will need an assortment of colours, and as you build your own colour guide you can add to these. To begin with you will need; red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue or indigo, violet/purple, brown, grey, black.

How it works
We are all sensory and spiritual beings, governed by our senses and intuition to the energies around us. As we pass through various situations and conditions of our lives we often find ourselves attracted or repulsed by certain colours. We all know that feeling of looking at a full wardrobe yet being unable to find a thing that suits our mood, or that impulsive buy; simply because the colour happened to catch our eye. 

What to do
Spread out your colours onto a dark surface then without over thinking allow your gaze to roam over them, allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition, in other words first impressions count! You will need to select three colours in order of preference and it is important that you remember the order.

1st Choice –shows the energy you are currently drawing upon.
2nd Choice – Shows the area of challenge current within your life
3rd Choice – shows the energy your inner self is craving to enable it to restore balance.

If at any point you begin to feel repulsed by a colour pick this up and set it aside, this will be your fourth choice. Remember if the colour is associated with a Chakra, you will need to work on unblocking this Chakra, look at previous blogs to see how. If you do not feel repulsed by any of the colours just skip this phrase as it merely indicates that you have no blockages.

4th Choice – shows a colour blockage

Interpreting your choices
1st Choice the energy you are currently drawing upon.
Red – increased energy, vitality, impatience, passion, activity
Orange –practicality, creativity, sensual pleasure, joyfulness
Yellow – education, communication, logic, clarity, warmth self-identity
Green – balance, harmony, healing, wealth, matters of the heart, nature.
Light Blue – peace, tranquillity, truth, intellect
Dk Blue/Indigo –intuition, beauty, arts, reforms, loyalty and truthfulness
Violet/Purple –sensitivity, music, creative writing, intuition, spiritual development. Faith and belief structures, psychic development
Black – Aloof, distancing, power, authority
Brown – grounded, governed by routine, defensive
Grey – Stagnant, accepting, disciplined, self-reliant, self-critical

2nd Choice – Shows the area of challenge current within your life
Red – Root Chakra – security, survival, stability
Orange –Sacral Chakra –sexuality, creativity, sensuality, appetite
Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra- self-esteem, identity, decision making
Green- Heart Chakra – relationships, health, finances
Lt Blue – Throat Chakra – true voice, self-expression, recognising own needs
Dk Blue/Indigo –Third Eye Chakra- sleep patterns, co-ordination, intuition, inner-eye
Violet/Purple – Crown Chakra – spirituality, development, connection, psychic abilities,
Black – closed to discussion, lack of confidence, feeling victimised, and fear of exposure.
Brown – Grounded, narrow mindless, defensive, restrictive routines
Grey – identity, self-critical, destructive internal mind frame, self-reliant

3rd Choice the energy needed to restore balance
Red – energy, vitality, passion
Orange – practicality, earthing qualities
Yellow – communication, intellect, warmth, joy
Green – balance, healing, wealth, harmony, nature
LT Blue – calmness, tranquillity, soothing
Dk Blue/Indigo – intuition, inner calmness
Violet/Purple – spiritual development, wisdom, connection with the divine
Black – clarity, authority
Brown – routine, grounding
Grey – self-reliance

4th Choice blocked energy
And now for your 4th choice, the one you disliked!  Colours possess both negative and positive energies, and often our repulsion is an indication to a blockage. Colour Therapy works alone the same lines as nutrition. To maintain balanced energies you need to be exposed to the full spectrum of colours, just as we need to have a varied diet to obtain maximum health benefits. Unfortunately we often allow our natural colour preferences to dictate and over time this leads to blockages in opposing colours.
If you will feel...
Red - frustration, anger, and defeated
Orange - exhausted, mentally and physically tired
Yellow - disappointed, a victim, powerless
Green - unbalanced, alone, in need of healing, without wealth
Lt Blue - without a voice, unable to express your needs
Dk Blue/Indigo - anxious, without status, closed minds-eye, unable to connect
Purple/Violet - conceited, vain, lacking in spirituality, blocked psychic abilities
Brown - ungrounded, lacking stability
Black - lacking self-control and self- discipline, in need of clarity
Grey - without routine. Co-dependent

So there you have it! Your own D.I.Y. colour test. Have fun with it, adapt it and make it your own. As I have said before; there are no fast and hard rules when it comes to spirituality.  Too many rules allow ego to override your intuition. Connecting with a higher source and your inner self is far more important. If you feel differently about a colour than listed here, then go with your intuition as this is how you represent this colour.

Another area for consideration is the tones and shades of colours. Red and Green are classic examples of this, and you may find you can list several different shades of each and their influences. For example for myself bright pillar box red is energy, pinkish red is romance, where as a red containing lots of black shade means possessiveness.

I will go into the shades and tones in more detail in my next blog, along with colours that are a combination of others, such as turquoise. Until then I thank you for accompanying me on this journey into colour and wish you love and light until the next time.

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