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Cutting cords exercise

Cutting cords/severing ties exercise

Do you have something going on in your life that you cannot shake off, or connections to the past that are stopping you moving forward? Or maybe you keep making the same mistakes in life that you seem to have no control over. The following simple exercise will help you, but you may have to do it more than once and be prepared to even do it once a day for a month or two. It does work and you will see the gradual improvements in your life.

The attachments to past events and people are being severed.

It is a good idea to read through this before you begin, that way you will have a better understanding of what you are doing.
The exercise is called cutting cords or severing ties and there are several variations out there, which you can look on the internet, but this is what I do and advise others to do who ask for my help.

Just find yourself in a comfortable seat/bed close your eyes and relax as much as possible, it can be done any time of day and anywhere. I do it at bedtime but that is just personal choice.

It might be better to take some deep breaths in and on the exhale really push out all the air inside you, in hale again and another exhale too, really pushing out the air, one more in and then return to your nature breathing pattern

Close your eyes and in your mind’s eye visualise, you don’t have to ‘see’ just to imagine is enough.
Imagine a balloon, any colour, any shape any size, whatever feels right for you.
Ask god or whatever your belief is, great white spirit, Allah etc.; to come close and fill the balloon with EVERYTHING you no longer need to take you forward in your life. You do not have to name what goes in, you have to TRUST AND BELIEVE that god will do it for you. Ask that this is done on all levels and from past lives too.

This is what you say:

‘Dear god/great white spirit please come and fill my balloon with everything I no longer need for the future on all levels from my past and to include past lives too. Thank you’

Now in your mind’s eye you may see the balloon filling, you may not but you will KNOW AND TRUST that it is being filled. You will just know when this is done; you will sense that it is full.

You now imagine that the balloon is connected to your belly button, this can be with; wire, string, silver thread, thick rope, anything you want, a cord that connects you to the balloon

Hence connecting you to your problems and issues that you no longer need to carry with you.
Now you ask Archangel Michael to come in and cut the tie – he will come in with his sword and cut through the connection to you. You will ‘see’ the balloon either float away up high in the sky and beyond or it will fall into earth and go very deep inside the planet.

You will say:
‘Archangel Michael, please come in and cut the cord that connects me to the balloon. Thank you’

Sometimes the cut does not go straight through first time and you may have to repeat this exercise, I have seen people repeat it every day for a month or more do not give up and it will work. You are cutting the connection that is stopping you moving forward, you will still have the memory but it will not be debilitated by the emotional connection that you once had. You will know that is has worked when you think of the situation and you no longer ‘feel’ anything, the connection has gone.
You are releasing yourself it has nothing to do with what the other party is or is not doing…

Don’t give up it will work




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