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Book Week: Maria's Trilogy


Faye's Fate CoverFaye’s Fate

Faye Willis, a somewhat reluctant psychic medium, who has spent her entire adult life trying to outrun spirit whilst searching for Mr Right. Shying away from the limelight of platform mediumship she has managed (between a disastrous string of would-be relationships) to make a life for herself in the obscure shadows of on-line psychic readings and believed this to be her fate.

But it would seem fate has a twist in store for Faye and has chosen to send Mr Right into her life, at the wrong time and definitely the wrong place!

When faced with such a dilemma, Faye does what any girl would and turns to her best friend, who just happens to be ‘Orla the Oracle of Ireland’. Entrusting her fate to Orla’s interpretation of the cards, Faye embarks upon a journey of self-discovery and finds herself making some life choices that lead to a hysterical chain of events.

‘When two ordinary friends come together, they put on the kettle and get out the biscuits, whereas when two psychic friends come together, they put on the kettle and get out their cards.’

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Threads - CoverThreads

Island of Temples 69BC

Time has moved on, the battle has passed but the threads are beginning to unravel…

Under the Goddess’s watchful eye, the inhabitants of the Island set about rebuilding their lives, unaware that Joel, her disillusioned son, has set in motion events that could irrevocably change their fates forever.

Ciah, an immortal daughter forced to live amongst the mortals, has once again donned her disguise as a humble servant in a bid to protect those in her charge.

In her heart a guilt rages as she embraces the love of a mortal, whilst trying to forget the love she once shared with Mikael, her twin flame, now banished for all eternity to Joel’s realm. Her only comfort is Aira, her fiery sister and immortal guardian. But Aira has battles of her own, and as she travels between the realms, her heart refuses to accept the loss of her own twin flame Samuel. Driven by desperation, her impetuous nature draws her towards a dangerous path that could risk the very fabric of fate, and all that their mother, the Goddess, holds sacred.

Meanwhile banished after her attack upon the inhabitants of the island, to an icy wilderness, Lucilla grows weary. Tired of defeat, she plots her revenge upon the mother who turned her back, and the sisters who humiliated her. Determined, she draws upon her mystic powers to summon the darkness and begins upon a path that will lead ultimately to power and the opportunity to prove her true worth to Joel.

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Choices - CoverChoices

An epic tale of four sisters set in the dawn of history… Worlds apart, yet connected by the Mother Goddess. Outwardly they could not be more different; Ciah and Aira are immortal daughters of the Goddess, whilst Safia and Asha are humble mortal sisters, daughters to a chief warrior and Priestess. Yet despite their differences, these four sisters find their fates irrevocably entwined as they join forces in the eternal battle to extend the Goddess's protection to the mortal realm.

Valiantly they struggle to protect mortal kind from two opposing forces of light and darkness, who are each determined to seize control of the mortal realm and banish the Mother Goddess to the shadows of history. Driven by their love for the Goddess, the sisters make the sacrifices needed to bring about a successful conclusion, whilst inwardly struggling with their own battles concerning their twin flame relationships, loyalties and the new responsibilities being thrust upon them.

A fantasy story set in a mystical backdrop amongst megalithic temples, where warriors and Priestesses live harmoniously side by side, and the Mother Goddess watches over all.

(Contains mild sexual content and moderate violence.)

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