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                     "Let me introduce you to the King of Wands, the Lizard King”      

When people talk about the characteristics of the King of Wands, they focus on his positive traits. For example, the King of Wands is associated with the astrological signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius; the king of wands is stylish, magnetic, original, creative, outspoken, bold, and INDEPENDENT.  And, it’s all mostly true. But, there is a natural duplicity in everyone; and it’s the King of Wands’ shadow side that makes “him” one of my favorite Royal Court Tarot cards; He is very misunderstood. He is liberal and tends to be egalitarian. He is magnetic and blunt, when it comes to some of his unconventional ideas.

He is entrepreneurial and creative and these are some of his greatest strengths.  And all of these traits and abilities seem very attractive. But, the King has an anti-social streak. He can be iconoclastic, even disturbing. He may also carry a secret antipathy for many traditions and public opinions, viewing them as antiquated.  His honest expressions and occasional exhibitions of daring can isolate him. This king often finds himself without a court. The King’s Golden qualities camouflage his loneliness; He is, perhaps unintentionally, misleading. Honesty is one of the King’s salient traits; however, his courage and self-reliance give us the impression that he is very well-adjusted, even happy.

At the core, our king is a person who relates better to ideas than to the people who are real and actually around him. The King’s work and ideas bring him into very public situations. He may be the best at what he does. But he rarely fits in, not really. His allure fascinates; and his dynamism can win him respect.  But, this King‘s throne keeps his subordinates and his equals at a distance; sometimes people prefer that he remain at a distance.

Wands symbolize creativity, impulse, and confidence. They also represent intuition as well. This is why the King of Wands is associated with Aries. He is a Pioneer; and he is capable of transgressing, ignoring boundaries and mores.  Many of the Wands’ subtle, intangible qualities are symbolized by the King’s small companion, the lizard. The lizard that stands comfortably at the King’s side is a symbol of the King’s instinctual nature and, in a sense, his honesty.

The lizard represents an uncomplicated, instinctual, and uncompromising aspect of the King. The Lion, illustrated as being a decorative feature on the King’s throne, symbolizes the Kings natural authority and charisma. However, the lizard is a “living” being like the King and also stands on the King’s throne; it is almost as if the Lizard has as much right to the throne as the King.  The lizard is in the King’s reality, lurking and as real as the King. The lizard is as unpretentious as the King; the lizard’s focus is survival and observation.  The Lizard is looking behind and so is the King, both are stuck in this activity. The King is looking into his past and considering the efficacy of various endeavors (professional and social)

Alhough he is creative, the King’s integrity is without question. And his integrity, his honesty, is rigid and comes from deep within the King’s core. In this way, the King is hardwired; past social mistakes have taught the King to work at being flexible with others. But his uncompromising predisposition towards the truth makes him a powerful leader, leading by example. Yet, it’s his unwillingness to dissemble coupled with his visceral reactions to stressors that make the King of Wand’s a difficult person for others to get close to.  Too often this King is content to let the outside world go hang; he is too comfortable in his isolation. Too often the King chooses to forgo intimacy and chooses to focus on his work. In the Rider Waite deck, this King doesn’t look you in the eyes; so it’s hard for you, the querent, to know what’s in his heart. He’s looking into the past; his eyes are elsewhere. With his little avatar, the unassuming lizard, at his feet, they are both facing the same direction. This pose is an indication that the King of Wand’s has difficulty establishing intimate relationships.  His reptilian shadow is a hint that this weakness is deeply rooted within him.

I’d try to encourage the King of wands in your life to rely on others sometimes; and, if they are new managers or supervisors, remind them to delegate.  Also, and this will be hard, try to convince them that it is possible to find responsible lovers that can truly love them and be helpmates too.  Love lessons may be the most important lessons for all of us; but they are especially important to this self-reliant person. Estrangements are not unusual at all, for him. It may also be necessary to encourage your King of Wands to let the past go and to accept their independence, to sit comfortably on their thrones.

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