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Being At Peace

Being at Peace

People often ask me during their readings “How can I be happy?” The truth is, being happy takes work. There is no magical ingredient to make one happy; it all depends on our outlook. Each morning when I begin my day, I take time to say this mantra: “Happy, happy, happy, happy. I am happy, I am happy, I am happy, I am happy.” This sets the tone for my day, so even if I have few bumps generally, they aren’t too bad. Another thing that I practice each night is what I like to call my “thank you prayer”, I thank God for everything that I have, and it can be from all ranges big and small. 

I usually begin by thanking God for my boyfriend Doug, and for my family, for our new house, for the wonderful neighborhood we live in. I say thank you for our neighbors, for the dog park we take our Maltese to, for each pet (Zoe our two-year-old Maltese, Aries our four-year-old cat, Lilith our six-year-old cat and Freya our eight month kitten). I thank the Gods for each person who has touched my life and I name them: Joanne, Margie, Cassie, Cindy, Deb and Dane, Mark and Frida. 

And then I move to the smaller things, but things that I am still very grateful for. I say thank you for my new printer, thank you for my  candle business, thank you for my new toothbrush, thank you for all the blessings that I have been given and those yet to come and then I move to my spirit guides, who have played a large part in my life. I name each and every one. My point here is that when you take time in your night or day  to say “Thank You” to whatever higher power you believe in, it feels you appreciation and then they give you much more to be thankful for.   

Does this mean you will never have a bad day? Absolutely not. We all have those days we wish we never had and sometimes you do everything right and you still have a lousy day, it just happens, but what matters is how you handle those days. 

Will you allow that toxic energy to destroy you, or will you learn from it and say “Okay, this happened, but tomorrow will be better. What can I take from this situation? What can I improve on?”

Do not feel victimized or blame the world for your situation, bad things happen. In 2018 my cat Ra died, then in 2019 my precious Maltese Adonis died and in 2020 my cat Athena died. I began to think I was hexed! I would actually call the vet and tell him I killed my animals, and he said no you didn’t they died from illness. I said, “I must have thought something bad.” He told me, “You can’t think an animal to death, it doesn’t work that way.” He was right. So, what came out of my cat Ra’s passing? Aries came from it, my beautiful four-year-old Aries. What came from Adonis dying?  My angel Zoe came from that one. What came from Athena dying? Our little kitten Freya. I took a bad situation and turned it into a good one.

I hope this helped you in some way. These are things that I do on a daily basis and I find that incorporating each one in my morning and night routine helps me to let go of any unnecessary worry or blame. I find I am a lot happier and less stressed out when I do my happy mantra and my thank you prayer.  I cherish my fur babies, and I pray that these babies will live an exceptionally long time. The difference here is all my babies are young and healthy, the ones who died were old and ill.

Many Blessings, 

Fairy Queen - 600171

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