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Being An Empath

Being An Empath

I consider myself to be a deeply spiritual person and part of that spirituality is being in tune with emotions, both my own emotions and those of others. For example, when I walk into a room I instantly feel the energy.  Why is this? Because I am an empath. It is a gift that comes with both pros and cons.

The pros are great. Really great. I can instantly tell when someone is lying to me. I can pick up on people’s movements and the way they speak and it’s absolutely instinctively built into me. If there’s deception in the air, I will always sniff it out quickly. My radar is rarely wrong,

Another pro is instantly being able to read whether another person has positive or negative energy. This gift is great for discerning who I let into my (very small) inner circle.

However for all the good, there are downsides and some say that the cons of being an empath outweigh the pros. I can see why. 

As an empath, it is impossible to flick a switch and turn it off. You simply do not have a choice. An empath picks up on the emotions of people around them, sometimes even people thousands of miles away and this can become overwhelming.

We are prone to being overwhelmed or overstimulated by the energies that surround us all the time and this can lead to what feels like constant fatigue. If you find yourself craving solitude, you are not alone. This need is even stronger for an empathy; it’s an absolute must. It is the time we need to reset ourselves emotionally, spiritually and physically.

If we do not protect ourselves properly, we take on energies that don’t belong to us, until we feel like an overburdened packhorse, like emotional buckaroo. Of course, nobody can withstand this type of pressure for very long before cracking and this happened to me just a few weeks ago. I became complacent and despite my constant preaching to my followers to “meditate, meditate, meditate”, I simply stopped. What happened next? i crashed and burned. Negativity took over and I found myself in a downward spiral. Eventually, I managed to pull myself out of the emotional hole I’d found myself in and I started to meditate again. 

I guess that my message to all empaths (both new & seasoned), is to keep grounding yourself. Take that time alone that we all need. Take it without guilt or judgement. We are all spiritual beings who need to refuel and recharge in order to function at higher vibrations. So, meditate, meditate, meditate. Put your hands in the earth for a while or simply have a candlelit bath.  Take care of you and the Universe will do the rest.

With love,
Kate - 600854

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