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Basic Practice Grounding Yourself

What is Grounding? Do I need to do this? 

Grounding is a very important, easy to do and beneficial practice, it is essentially anchoring ourselves to the Earth in order to be able to think clearly, become more stable and feel more connected.

Have you ever had that “floaty” feeling? Where you’re awake but not quite aware or unable to think clearly even during the day? This can happen when our core energy isn’t completely connected within ourselves. 
Grounding helps us feel and become more stable, it can also act as a channel to send away negative energies, emotions and thoughts before drawing in more positive energies. 

So how do we “Ground ourselves”? The process is really quite simple and can be done anytime and anywhere.
To start, I like to sit down outdoors to really connect to the Earth – you don’t need to do this and I have often grounded myself while out and about, even whilst grocery shopping! Relax and focus on your intentions. Imagine yourself pulling in any of your own energy that may have spilt out and bring it all back into your body. You can visualize this as light like shooting stars coming back from places you have been towards you and soak it in when it arrives. This is known as “Centering” and is basically returning your own energy back to yourself.

Once you feel ready, imagine you are gathering up any negative thoughts, energies or anything else you need to rid yourself of and move this down through your body and into the ground, deep down into the core of the Earth. Now imagine this energy you have pushed out being burned up and recycled in the Earths’ centre.  As the energy is recycled it becomes fresh, new and positive energy – this is what you will now draw back up through the Earth and into your body.

Continue shifting out the old, stale and negative and drawing up and in the new fresh and positive energies until you feel “heavy”. The feeling of being heavy, or anchored, means you have successfully grounded yourself. 
You don’t need to be technical, you don’t even need to be outside with bare feet in the Earth, you can use the same principals and ground yourself anywhere whenever you feel the need to do so.

You can be standing, walking, working at your desk etc. and still ground yourself. Just remember to imaging yourself being anchored to the Earth and draw up the positive healing energies from Mother Earth. Some people prefer to imagine they have roots coming from their feet like a tree, which connects them to the Earth – this is the exact same context and each and every one of us is different so do what feels right for you, either way once you have grounded yourself correctly you will definitely feel it! 
Lyllith Dragonheart

Grounding yourself

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