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Aura And Relationships

It’s important to see relationships in the culture that surrounds us. Media and experience at this time is pretty firmly established in money, sex and power. Being a ‘spiritually’ aware and sensitive person can be difficult. You can feel very vulnerable. Being psychic is different from being spiritual. You can be psychic and ‘pick up’ all manner of information without being spiritual. You can be spiritual without being particularly psychic. You may of course be both!

Relationships happen at different ‘energetic’ levels. An awareness of levels of relationship can be helpful, but it is also important to remember the nature and priorities of the culture we live in,  family background and all of the ideas we inherit, add to this mix the ideas we learn or take as our own over time through study or experience and these are the foundation of our expectations in everything, including relationships. They bring us the concept of what we believe is ‘fair’ or acceptable. There will be some general ideas that we tend to share with others, but every person’s life journey and personality is different. We all have different expectations. Even when we use terms like ‘love’, relationship’, ‘friendship’, ‘fairness’ and ‘communication’ we are unlikely to mean the exactly same thing. 

So, coming back to levels of relationship: there are seven main ‘Chakras’ in the human body. These are energy centres which are reflected in the layers of the energy body or ‘aura’ that surrounds everyone like an invisible bubble. The Base Chakra at the base of the spine, is the level of survival and includes very basic drives. We all need to be firmly grounded in the Base Chakra because it is where we feel connected to Mother Earth, rooted and secure. This is the chakra to ‘feed’ if you are feeling airey-fairey and insecure. It is red in colour.  In relationships it may ‘just be about the sex’. 

At the second, the Sacral Chakra, the energy is more social and sociable but not necessarily very committed. It is orange and located around the sexual organs in the pelvis.  The third level, the Solar Plexus (belly button), may include more intellectual connections and the relationship fills out. Because this is the central energy centre of the body, the power place, as it were, it may also include power play and bring ideas about your sense of self–esteem and self-worth into sharp focus. This is the seat of the ‘Ki’ or ‘Chi’ according to eastern traditions. It is the golden yellow we associate with the sun. 
At the fourth level, you are in your Heart Chakra. This is green or green with pink. A heart-based relationship which is sensitive and emotionally engaged is probably the kind of relationship most people would dream about. It may be emotionally fulfilling but may not be very well-grounded. 

Once a relationship includes a strong connection with the fifth or Throat Chakra there are more complicated communications going to and fro. There is more ‘psychic’ awareness between both parties, perhaps including ideas of destiny and past lives, things of that sort. This is turquoise blue. The ’higher’ three chakras are where we tune in to our psychic awareness and can connect with spirit guides, power animals, the fairy realm, angels, ascended masters, loved ones who have passed and may connect with past life experience. 

Going up to the sixth chakra, the Third Eye or Brow Chakra, relationships may not even really be particularly physical. This centre is about ‘otherness’, spirituality and inner vision. There is a tendency towards separation, being solitary but probably content alone. Sensitivity is very much increased and there may be distance and misunderstanding of human relationships. This chakra is indigo blue, the colour of the dark night sky. 

If the relationship is in the seventh or Crown Chakra at the top of the head, then it is a spiritual relationship and unlikely to be physical because bliss, joy and contentment are experienced in a different way.  At this level, we connect with spiritual energy and spiritual knowledge. It is more about being in the spiritual aspect of ourselves and tends to be disconnected from the experience of the body. This spiritual connectivity may bring the experience of ‘God/Goddess’, Spiritual Guides, Angels and beings outside of the usual realms of three dimensional experience. It does happen that being spiritually unaware, someone may misinterpret the electricity of a ‘spiritual’ connection and consider it to be sexual magnetism because that is the only level that they may recognise or have experience of. 

So you can imagine the aura, your aura, to be made of seven energy layers. An aware, healthy and content person will have a radiant and full aura. Someone who is unwell, addicted to alcohol or drugs or very depressed will probably have a very thin aura with sludgy colours. Someone reading the aura can see these variations in colour and texture. Others will be able to ‘sense’ the state of the aura without seeing it. Nobody can function from just one chakra, but there are usually stronger and weaker chakra energies going on. Someone with a strong Sacral Chakra maybe very comfortable with sex, be flirty and fun. Someone with a very dominant Third Eye chakra may be very spiritually wise and aware, but uneasy with social and sexual situations. Those who have worked on themselves to bring balance, or who have been fortunate to have been brought up to accept all aspects of themselves (pretty rare!), are more likely to have a more even distribution of energy through the chakras.

Everything is also coloured by our emotions as well as all of those cultural, inherited and learnt beliefs. This is a simplified idea and obviously depends on both people being in the same energetic space. Being in the same or very similar, energetic space, may be precisely what causes those ‘magnetic’ and intense attractions we call Soul-Mates and Twin Flames. 
Being in the same energetic space may mean that both parties have a strong energy in the same energy level, or that one side has a very strong energy where the other person is blocked or has very low energy. This would account for the ‘chalk and cheese’ nature of some relationships. These intense energetic connections can also account for what we call ‘cords’. These are exactly what they sound like. They are very strong cords of energy connecting two people which do not just disappear because they are inconvenient to the people who are ‘attached’ to each other. Cords may be exciting and support a relationship, but if both people do not share the development of their relationship, a time may come when the energy of the cords not pleasant or enjoyable. This is where we may talk about ‘cutting cords’ probably because the opportunity to grow together has passed its ‘best by’ date. 
At whatever initial level a relationship is compelled to begin, the true flowering of the relationship is discovered by making a strong connection at all of the other levels. No one level is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than any other. They are all essential to human life. Healthy chakra energy is likely to produce a ‘healthy’ person. The energy layers in the aura are where spiritual healing or Reiki works. 

So, bearing in mind that everyone approaches everyone else from their own personal perspective, with particular expectations, and with all of that media and cultural pressure, it’s not surprising that relationships can be a minefield! However, it would be true to say that we learn by experience and that means stepping into the emotional waters to see how we feel, to recognise how we feel and try not to have unrealistic expectations. Being in a relationship that you choose (unlike family which we inherit), happiness and fulfilment is created by both people communicating effectively and nourishing that relationship with love. 
The system of the seven chakras and the layers of the aura is very well established. The idea of ‘cords’ is very familiar but the description of energetic connection is a concept I haven’t read elsewhere, but there may be others who see things in a similar way.  

The choices you made before you incarnated in this current life and the life lessons you volunteered to learn, will affect every aspect of your life including your most meaningful relationships. We usually don’t remember what we ‘signed-up’ for. Fear is our worst enemy so focus on the love, ask for love to shower down and through all of your relationships, ask your angels and guardians to bring love and beauty into your relationships. You may be surprised how much they can help ?

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