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Astrology Explained

Astrology Explained
Get the most out of your Psychic Reading.

Dear readers,
The following article has the soul purpose to defy some of the myths (positive and negative)
that linger around the science of Astrology, birth chart compatability and natal chart interpretation, and what better way to do it than to actually explain
how it works. Having studied Astrology for over 25 years , been a professional Astrologer since
2005, spent countless hours in the study of not just the planets in our solar system but all the
asteroids, the Centaurus, the outer stars and their motion....the most common question I get is "
So, I'm Leo...what's my future like" And my answer is simple: "I don't know". After all, how could
I? The fact that you're a Leo pretty much only tells me that you were born somewhere between
July 22 and August 22, and yes, your a fixed sign in the element of fire and your main traits are
Loyalty, Pride, Generosity and Courage....but then you meet a Leo who has none of those traits
and you wonder "what's going on there?....It must be because Astrology doesn't work". Wrong.

Astrology does work, but just like every other science it has rules, a formidable amount of
notions and paradigms to be acquired and most importantly it needs all the factors in order to
solve the equation. Let me make an example: If I could not solve 2+? would it be because
Mathematic doesn't work or because I need to know what I'm adding 2 to in order to give an
accurate answer? Same goes for Astrology...and that's why the generic horoscopes that only take
into consideration your start sign are not only a waste of time, but they do real damage as they
discredit one of humanity's oldest Science (and I'm stressing the word Science) into a lesser form
of "divination", which can be incredibly frustrating for a professional who has dedicated the
majority of her life to the understanding of the divine rules that if correctly applied can truly see
into a person personality, past and future as clearly as reading a book. So what are this elements
that are needed? Well, let's start with having a look at the basic rules of Astrology.

The Three fundamental elements on which Astrology is based are: The 12 Houses, the
Planets that occupy the houses and the Aspects that this planets form with each other. Let's take a
closer look.
The 12 Houses: To start a natal chart interpretation ( basically a snap shot of the heavens in the precise
moment you were born) a chart is divided into 12 houses, each representing a specific area of your life.
The first house which represents the "true self" of a person starts with the "Raising Sign" which is
ultimately what "see" and how we "perceive" the person. Using a metaphor, imagine you wake up
in the morning, naked in you bed, then you get dressed and you "do yourself up" in order to
meet the demands of life...ok, what you wear and how you prepare yourself is the raising sign. So
if our "Leo" is Gemini raising we'll perceive him as a Gemini and not a Leo. Now, the raising
sign moves through a sign in two hours, yep, that's the window we have so you can start to
understand that not only we need to know what day your were born, but at what time as well.
So, in short:
1st House: Your actual self
2nd House: Your possessions
3rd House: Your Siblings, Neighbors and immediate communications
4th House: Your Family
5th House: Love affairs, children and pleasure.
6th House: Health and Work
7th House: Your life partner and major contracts
8th House: Sex and Death
9th House: Travels and higher education/ ideals
10h House: Life achievements
11th House: Friends and larger community
12th House: It's the "House of the Hidden" whatever falls in this house it will live in your
subconscious rather than manifesting itself in real life.
With the progression of the raising sign through the signs the houses also move their
position, so we're back at "our Leo"...depending on the time of birth the Sun (which positions
identify the "star sign") could have fallen into the 12th house for example....depriving the
individual of any of the Leo characteristics.

The Planets: The Planets represent the type of energy expressed by the individual.
Sun: Our ego
Moon : Our emotions
Mercury: How we communicate
Venus : How we love and what we love
Mars: Our primordial drive and how we fight
Jupiter : How we express abundance and plain luck
Saturn: How we structure and endure the challenges of life. It's the Lord of Karma.
Uranus: The creative genius in us, also the sudden changes
Neptune: How we express universal love but also how we escape reality
Pluto: The regenerating inner power within us. Also provokes obsession.

So every planet carries it's own specific type of energy, which carries decisive impact on
one's personality and depending on the sign position and aspects it forms with other planets we'll
have a clear vision on the person in question. The planets play an important role in determining birth chart compatability.
So, we mentioned aspects....what are they? Aspects signal the degrees of separation
between one planet and the other and depending whether such degrees are harmonic or
disharmonic. What is the difference? That an harmonic aspect (trines and sextile) bring out the
"light" meaning the positive qualities of a planet while the disharmonic (squares and oppositions)
bring out the "shadows" meaning the negative traits of the planet. Remember, every coin has two
sides, and light and shadows co exists constantly, only wen we have a full picture we can
determine what the actual case is.
That was an extremely simplistic explanation of the fundaments of Astrology....but
hopefully was enough to show even a brink of the complexity of such science....
Our "Leo" could have his Sun in 12th house opposite Neptune, which would strip him
entirely of the Leo traits and impose Neptune's traits instead...meaning that he could very much
have the ego of a pisces....
I hope I shined some light on a very controversial subject. And I'm always here for you for
any questions you might have.
Love and Light,


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