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Aspects Of Law Of Attraction

I have always been interested in the law of attraction and manifestation and have read many books on the subject from "The Secret" to "Cosmic Ordering", but how do we get the law of attraction to work for us?

There are a few key ingredients that bring the law of attraction to life.

Work on yourself - you must be willing to work on your belief system.  Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, chances are that success seems to be elusive to you.  No matter how hard you try, you somehow seem to not get where you want in life.  Don't let this hold you back though. Identifying and eliminating your subconscious blocks can take time but with consistent effort you will get there.  Your blocks probably have been there for many, many years and will therefore take some time to overcome.  One useful tip is to try and manifest one piece of good news per day.  Put that as your intention and at the end of the day, reflect on where that good news/event took place and give gratitude for it.  Within a short time, you will start looking for that good news each and every day which can appear in any area of your life.  You will quickly go from "Oh no! What's going to happen today!" to "Ooh, I wonder what good things are going to happen today".  This technique will and can open the door to manifestation within a very short time period.  Before you know it, you will be manifesting more than 1 piece of good news each and every day.

Examine your fears and your desires - the Universe responds to your most dominant thought.  So if your fear of failure is stronger than your desire for success then guess what will happen?  The same can apply to love.  If your fear of getting hurt is stronger than your desire for a new relationship, then you may struggle to manifest that new relationship.  You need to be very honest with yourself.  It does not matter if you admit that you have fears, everyone has them, it is more about identifying them correctly and changing your dominant thought to a more positive one.

Be clear about what you wish to manifest - Does your intention have depth and vision to it?  Do you keep changing your mind and dancing from one dream to another?  Can you see, feel, hear, touch and taste your desired outcome?  If you wish to run your own business what would you be doing on a day to day basis?  Many of us wish to win the lottery to solve all of their problems, this can be done but to make an overnight jump into wealth may be challenging to manifest.  It might be better to work with your own talents and build a future around those.

Be in alignment with your desire - The Universe works with vibration and energy.  Are you emitting the vibration of what you wish to attract?  This is a strong key element.  If you are emitting a vibration of loneliness then how can you attract love?  You can change your energy today if you so wish by changing the way in which you feel about life.  Our feelings are directly communicating with the Universe and it is that energy that we can use to further fulfill our dreams.  If you think and feel happy, the Universe will respond to give you more things to feel happy about.

There are many more aspects to the law of attraction which I will cover in later blogs.  Wishing you the best of luck with manifesting your dreams.

Love, Light and Blessings.  Saira


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