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Are you Closed to Love? Part 2

To open up to love you have to be totally honest with yourself, what is the buzz phrase? … ‘be your authentic self’.   Be true to yourself in what you wish for in love and then be totally honest with yourself in how you feel you have either blocked love or self-sabotaged love. 


You have to learn to love yourself first.  That is not being egotistical or arrogant, it is about knowing that you deserve to be loved and that you are worth it.  You have to do what makes you happy, be it a long walk along the beach to sat snuggled up in a comfy armchair reading a book.  Do what makes you happy. 


You have to satisfy every aspect of yourself, looking after yourself in body, mind and spirit.   Self-love.  We learn to love ourselves then we are stepping in the right direction to open our hearts to another. 


Being truthful with ourselves is also being responsible for our part in how we have closed off.  See how our attitudes and subsequent behaviours also play a part in how our hearts are closed off.  See yourself clearly and change those aspects that you see are not leading to an open heart. 


Give yourself time to move on from your past.  Look at those relationships and take the positives forward; as hard as it is sometimes to focus on them, please see what you learnt from them.  What you taught the other party in them and see that for every relationship that ended, you learnt what you do not want so that you can recognise in the future what you do want.  


Not every relationship is meant to last; some are only for a short time but what matters in that time is the experience and growth that we subsequently learn from them.  

Every connection is about growth, spiritual and soul evolvement.  No matter what the hurt, if you want to open your heart, you have to see the reasoning behind the past so you can then move forward. 


These memories will be challenging at times, but by facing your feelings, good, bad and indifferent you are starting to heal more and open your heart to future love.  By closing the past, you are not blocking yourself. 


I give the next one a lot in my voice readings, but keep a journal of how you feel … get those thoughts and emotions down on paper and over time, you will see how far you have come in the healing process. 


This helps open your heart. 


You can bring in little changes that mean you do not isolate or push people away.  Instead of listening to your fears, listen to that little voice that tells you that you need to make changes so that you are not self-sabotaging.  Join a club, visit a place the same time, every week.  Different place, different faces, different love.  You have to put yourself out there … be brave.  


Remember you have chosen to be shut off to a degree; either consciously or by self-protection.  That same mind can opt to open up to love. 


If you want love … open your heart.  Give yourself time and go at your pace.  

Whoever is reading this, I wish you all the very best in this healing process. 



Shelly x

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