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Angel Wisdom


Angels of Wisdom

The Cherubs bring wisdom to us by spreading light from the God source.  They are also the guardians of the heavens and stars.  I often see their sweet little faces peaking at me and I can tell you that they also laugh at us a lot, like children, especially when we get things wrong! 

There are also Angels of Clarity which bring vision and illumination and Angels of Intention which relate very strongly to desire energy.  Ask for these angels to come to you when you want to gain insight into something or start a new project along with the Angel of Strength as they are here to help you.

How to call in the Angels of Wisdom (gold/royal purple):-
Angels of Wisdom   
I now move through my life lessons with ease
I acknowledge new learning as I see new
opportunities appearing in my life
with synchronicity and understanding
Help me understand my path more clearly
and release the things that no longer serve me

* Remember call the Angels in through belief and desire
* Keep requests in the now
* Use a clear crystal for clarity
* Know that the angels have heard your request 

Guardian Angels

Your Guardian Angel is with you all the time and if you learn to develop a conversation with your angel, the messages will become much stronger. 

* Angels appreciate us calling them by their name.
* They do not have free will like us as they are God’s messengers.
* They are God’s servants and as such they are obedient messengers and do not bend rules!
* They cannot go against the freewill of another individual.

Archangel Metatron and his significance.

Metatron is a very different Archangel because he was originally thought to be the Prophet Enoch and he was basically transformed into an Archangel by God.  His name comes from a Latin name Metator, which means guide or measurer.  He is the head of the world of creation which feels very appropriate as we learn to manifest (create) blessings into our own lives.

He is associated with sacred geometry and also with the activation of our 12th strand of DNA.  Many of the things we see in our world now are illusionary.  One of these is the feeling that we can achieve happiness with things outside of us.  In geometric terms, Metatron is complete (Metatron’s cube) and does not need anything outside in order to be, which in simple terms, creates a “spiral of light.”  Human beings will enter the spiral when they learn to let go of their ego (a need to identify with roles or things) and become more at-one with who they really are. 

The essential Metatronic pattern is the 3D form “The Flower of Life” which I personally refer to as the Mystic Rose.  This flower brings focus, balance and harmony through the heart chakra and also brings all the other chakras into alignment. Metatron's cube has often been drawn around a person to protect them from dark energies.   It is good to visualise for protection along with other sacred geometry symbols.  Putting yourself inside a crystal whilst meditating can have a similar effect.  

When we are balanced, we are ready to manifest.  Call in Archangel Metatron for inner transformation, alignment, cosmic ordering and ascension! Gabriel is the 8th Archangel Gabriel with Michael’s help rule over the etheric soul, which gives light to soul and body but astrologically he rules the moon, which is ruled by Cancer.


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