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A Christmas True Life Fairy Tale

Several years ago I began work on the psychic phone lines and not long after beginning a client rang, whom for confidentiality reasons I shall call Hope. Now Hope was a mature lady who had focused her life on career and was approaching retirement. She had never married, because she’d never found anyone good enough, but as the dreaded R word loomed, she was growing a little concerned. She was a confident sassy kind of woman, a great role model, who didn’t need a man to complete her, but was coming to a point in her life where it would be nice to have company and share her days with someone special. Perhaps because of this, her judgement slipped a little and she allowed a Mr Ego to enter her life, and where he deftly robbed her of her self-esteem which is basically what most Mr Ego’s do. I doubt he was even aware of the harm he was causing, as his focus would have been on keeping his over inflated ego fed!  When our paths crossed, or should that be phone lines, Hope was at a low point, he’d decided he’d fed enough and was in search of a new victim and she was left lost and insecure. She’d been told by others that he was her soul mate and would come back to her; all she had to do was hope!

Now I guess I played the wicked witch in this tale, as my cards were not revealing this ending, and I told her honestly that she deserved so much more than what this man could ever hope to offer her. Yes, he may be a soul mate, but not all soul mates bring happiness, some simply bring bitter lessons and others serve the purpose of showing you what you really desire. This man was a toad and no matter how many times she kissed him, he would remain one. As you might imagine the wicked witch was booed off stage, but not before saying that I also didn’t feel that she would retire any time soon, that in fact I felt the opposite, a new career was coming her way.

 Our connection ended and we both went on with our lives, until a few months later, when Hope rang again, to update me. Mr Ego had not returned, but was in contact to drain a little more of her self-esteem, I imagine her supplies were running low. But her main reason for calling was that I had been right, she had been offered a new job, in a totally new career. Retirement, what was retirement? And so we developed an on line relationship where over the years I came to think of her more as a friend than a client, she didn’t ring too often, just a few times a year, but each call was a pleasure. The only sadness was I knew that despite being the most well put together confident individual, I knew inside she still hoped for love to come into her life. Each year, I tried to find it, and it seemed always to be just out of reach. Until this time last year, and I felt so strongly that love was coming her way early 2017. I know as I repeated it over and over, like some kind of mantra, that she thought I was just saying it, but still I said it. You can imagine my delight early this year when she told me she’d met him.

I have her full permission to tell her tale, but still I don’t like to divulge too many details, just trust me, when I say this man is all prince and no toad! And why am I calling this a Christmas fairy-tale? That is simple, as earlier this week Hope rang to tell me all about her magical engagement party that she had enjoyed the previous day. A December engagement, what could be more magical than that?  I chose to share this, because I know so many people, men and women, who are waiting for love, putting a sell by date on their hearts. I believe that this story of this wonderful woman, who never gave up hope, is a tale that will inspire others to remove those sell by dates and keep the flame of hope burning, as that is the beacon that will attract love into your life, regardless of age!

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