Guest Speaker

2012 As We Progress

There can never be a better time than the present to retrospect at your life and make steps to move gently forward with more support from the Universe than has ever before been possible, each one of us has been undergoing subtle changes to our DNA over the past few years and escalated by being propelled into a new era of spiritual growth sometimes beyond our comprehension.

For those seeking a new spiritual understanding will be rewarded with new opportunities that will ensure a smoother ride in an ever changing and fast developing world, these new beginnings have been with us since birth laying dormant until we became empowered to act upon them, that vital spark of pure joy just needs activating and will be without doubt the most important message you receive in this lifetime.

We have the Mayans to thank for creating what has become the oldest spiritual calendar which ends in 2012, the end of an era but certainly not the end of the world! It’s more like a finalisation process that will see many changes to us as individuals, already many of us have been experiencing relationship problems, career  changes and drastic disruptions in our lives that we are having to come to terms with myself included.

So what should we do now to understand ourselves better and prepare our very souls for what they are crying out for? Well we can enlist the help of those earthly beings here who are prepared to advise and move us gently on into other realms that we never before dreamed of or thought possible, many of us have been enlisted into this army of spiritual growth and are empowering others to understand themselves deep down within with the help of our guides, Angel’s and power animals.

I speak also of our children who have been born into this new dimension of Universal love and understanding before us now, they are so advanced and carry no past baggage that we may need to rid ourselves of in order to get the very best from our future lives, just look at how advanced the children are of today? their fresh smiles and quick grasping of situations we can but admire, they are arriving into a new world that is so different from the one we were born into, in their advancing years they too will experience yet more spiritual progression to take over from where we have left off, life is infinite and we are the present custodians of all things that require that universal connection on this earth plane.

As I write these words pure joy fills me from within as I really appreciate the gifts that have been bestowed upon me to assist others, that channel of divine light is there for the asking, once it is grasped and installed then the world becomes our oyster, every one of us has the right to move forward in our own beautiful individual way, so lets do it and make this world a better place for everyone!
With love and light to you all and a deeper understanding for 2012.

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