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I’m directly descended from a famous Scottish witch, my namesake, who paid the ultimate price using the same gift I possess. The gift to see what is hidden and hear in the silence. I’ll use my inherited sixth sense, as well as the ancient knowledge and wisdom passed down from my forebears, to warn you where I see darkness and guide you onto the path of brightness inner peace.

Maggie's expertises include:

Tarot - Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Angel Cards - Spirit Coach - Runes - Astrology

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Calls cost $29.95 for a 20 minute reading with the option to extend for $25.95 for each additional 20 minutes. Alternatively you can pay as you go with credits for $1.75 per minute.

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Credit calls cost 175 credits per minute.

18+ Only. Live calls recorded. For entertainment purposes only. Promotional messages may be sent. For help and marketing opt out call 1-800-297-9784

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Thursday 19 May 2022

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Maggie's Blogs and Articles

The Significance of Animals and the Secrets they Hold
Maggie - 3rd April 2022

Animal encounters can be much more than you expect. Read on to find out more...

Do You Believe In The Supernatural?
Maggie - 10th March 2022

Many people believe in the supernatural, they just don't realise it!

Reviews for Maggie (5)

DRERated: 5 

All I can say is you're so AMAZING! You did mentioned/described things that already happened without me telling you and that mesmerized me.. I will call u back for sure & will update u once ur predictions comes to pass. I do hope it will. And, I hope you'll stay online always. :) God Bless u

Anon Rated: 5 

Lovely lady. Picked up brilliantly, great reading x

DarijaRated: 5 

I just had 2 fantastic readings with Maggie! She can really see very clear situation that you are in and people around you. I'm so thankful for all honesty, clarify.. definitely I will call her back soon. God bless you Maggie .