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Charli Haynes

I have been doing psychic readings as a clairvoyant and an empath for 31 years. A long time! I am compassionate yet I'm straightforward and honest. I can tune into love life, career. And I am a pet psychic as well so I can tune in to your wonderful and beautiful fur or scaly family. My goal is to not only help you... but give you a sense of clarity that can assist you along with your circumstances and your spiritual path.

Charli Haynes's expertises include:

Psychic - Clairvoyant - Spirit Coach


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Reviews for Charli Haynes (2)

PeteRated: 5 

I had an email reading with Charli yesterday which confirmed my thoughts and filled in the missing blanks as well. I will do as she says and hope for a very happy future. Would recommend and will use again if required.

Harry Rated: 5 

Had an email reading yesterday which was very insightful and not only felt accurate but made a lot of sense. Thank you Charli.