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I had shown signs of being psychic as early as the age of 3. My calling was to become a professional clairvoyant psychic and by the age of 18 I was working on psychic fairs, in shopping centres, pubs, clubs, on psychic phone lines, visiting clients and hosting them at my own home. I featured on TV, radio and in the media before I found myself on a very unusual training course – a US military remote viewing and remote influencing course. I graduated at post graduate advanced level, the equivalent of a Master’s degree. It was a very intensive classroom training, with Sgt Lyn Buchanan, a veteran remote viewing trainer from the US secret military remote viewing base in Ft Meade, USA, operational during the Cold War.

Years later, a film was made about the secret US military remote viewing unit, which later involved work on the famous Stargate project. The film was “Men who stare at Goats,” the lead role played by George Clooney who had to meet Lyn to learn how best to impersonate him and I have to say he did a splendid job, playing Lyn to a tee!

The course began and Lyn said to us “Now, before I begin the training I would like to ask you all to let me know if you see any shadow people present around us!”

A fellow course mate asked Lyn, “What do you mean by shadow people Lyn?”

Lyn replied, “I believe you British folks call them Ghosts.”

I replied, “Oh, like those two men who are stood behind you?”

“What do they look like?” he replied.

I described two men, dressed in military uniforms but not the latest ones, historic ones, probably worn by soldiers of old in the US military. They were very different from each other but as solid as you would see a living person.

Lyn’s complexion became pale and he said “I know who they are, they were my comrades and they were killed during the Cold War in Russia. If you have seen them, you will be important in history.”

“What a strange statement to make,” I thought, but then the course began and I put It to the back of my mind.

The course spanned four years and advanced through many levels. The training manual was huge and there was a lot of data to absorb, terminology, analogies, methodologies, matrix work, model making, remote viewing history etc. Then it progressed to more serious stuff such as flat lining and raising our remote influencing abilities to Ninja level.  Remote viewing and remote influencing are US military mental martial arts for the mind. You are encouraged to hemi-sync your brain so that you use all of your brain capacity instead of only a tiny part of it. It is a form of state-specific science (the science of altered states of consciousness).

I loved every minute of the course through its many levels; the work was truly mind expanding and mind stretching.

Lyn was right when he said that fully qualified remote viewers transcend being merely psychic. Hence psychics are regarded as using their 6th sense and remote viewers their 7th sense.

One day a question from Lyn blew my mind. “So how do you know that you are not in the future, remote viewing yourself in a past life?” he asked.

“What?” I replied with a modicum of shock.

Lyn went onto explain that time doesn’t really exist, other than for its chronological and calendar use on the earth. Then he blew my mind even more by asking “How do you suppose psychic s and remote viewers can read or remote view the future”?

I asked Lyn what he meant by this.

Lyn replied “If a psychic can read the future or a remote viewer can remote view the future then it must follow that what they see has already taken place otherwise how would they be able to see what they see?”

At five o’clock in the afternoon, after a very intensive day in my final year of study, that was a truly mind bending statement to hear, but Lyn’s wisdom, as always, surpassed the realms of normal!

I was give the hardest test target ever given to a remote viewer as my final exam at post graduate advanced ninja level. The target is so obscure that most people have never heard of it, me included. The target in question was “The Falkirk Wheel” in Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom. It is a strange structure which lowers barges down from a higher river to a lower one.

My only clue was “The target is a man made”. (A typically vague clue, and ‘man made’ could have been anything from a safety pin to the Eifel Tower!

To Lyn’s surprise I got the target in great detail by remote viewing it, in uncanny detail, far in excess of what any previous trainee had ever obtained from this target, so much so that Lyn asked if I could make it from clay and slid a tub of modelling clay across the table at me. I constructed a clay model and then I sketched it in detail, down to the name plate on the central column together with the viewing platform and the sloping hill housing the visitors centre in the hillside nearby. Lyn was astonished and I passed with 99.9% out of 100.

Lyn told me that during the Cold War in the secret US military remote viewing unit, the average pass mark was 76%. I was given a life time membership of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA).

My fellow class mates on the course all found the course as mind blowing as I did. We learned how to remote influence things to happen and how to make our hands into a sensitive antenna to pick up on energy fields and presences, a lifesaving skill.

I often teach my clients to remote influence when they call me for a psychic reading and want to know how to achieve their ambitions, reunite with an estranged partner, get a promotion or a pay rise at work or just about anything else they may desire. I can teach this skill in the time you consult me for a reading.

I can remote view the mind set of people you ask me about, their feelings, emotions, how they feel about you, what their plans are with regard to you and a whole host of other amazing revelations. Suffice to say, you should be prepared have your mind blown.

Remote viewing is like time travel in the mind, you can feel as if you are really at a target site thousands of miles away. It is nothing like being psychic either; it feels like you enter a completely different dimension in your mind and in time and space.

Ingo Swann who is known as ‘The father of remote viewing’ because he created the manual for all of the US military remote viewing courses and also taught remote viewing; has remote viewed other planets and written a book on his mind blowing findings. The book is called Penetration: The Question of Extra-terrestrial and Human Telepathy. it is a mind bending book. Lyn Buchanan also wrote a book titled The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told by a "Psychic Spy" for the U.S. Military. This is also worth reading. Russell Targ, another remote viewer who worked with Lyn Buchanan and Ingo Swann during the Cold War in the secret US military remote viewing unit, wrote a book titled The Limitless Mind a title which well sums up the power of the mind, which really is, limitless!

During the final year of my remote viewing and remote influencing course, Lyn had us conducting a mind blowing experiment to demonstrate the power of remote influencing.

Lyn told each of us on the course to find a comfortable armchair to sit in with comfortable arm rests, and slap the back of each hand, one after another, 5,000 to 10,000 times. We did as instructed and then Lyn stood in the doorway between two offices, which were side by side, divided by a studded wall. Lyn could see either side of the studded wall and he asked one of us to stand in one room and another of us to stand in the adjacent room. Then he instructed one of us to walk along the joining wall and stop when we felt like it and then stay there. Then he asked the person in the adjacent room, to walk along the studded wall with the back of one hand and stop where they sensed the other person was in the adjacent room. Sure enough the stopped at the precise point where they were in line with the person in the adjacent room.

By slapping the back of your hand 5,000 – 10,000 times you make your hand more sensitive and the increased sensitivity can detect energy fields, like another person at close range, even through a studded wall!

Another experiment we did in our final year in remote influencing was where Lyn had two of us in one room working on remote influencing a 3rd person’s blood pressure to go up or down. The 3rd person was asked to sit in the adjacent room alone, and take their blood pressure every minute when the clock hand was at 12 ‘o’clock, and make a note of whether their blood pressure had gone up or down. The experiment was repeated ten times and we took it in turn to be the 3rd person. In each experiment we all successfully managed to remote influence the 3rd person’s blood pressure to go up or down and this was as high a score as nine out of ten!

A remote viewer at advanced post graduate level is capable to remote view, word for word documents locked in safes in secret military installations, thousands of miles away and with phenomenal accuracy, detail even down to drawing pictures and diagrams contained in them. This has been done, many times over. Often remote viewers will work for agencies such as the FBI and the CIA, or the military. They help to find wanted people and remote influence their capture, as with the capture of high profile terrorists,

I can teach you to remote influence and it will be a life changing experience, IF you are ready to expand your mind and its amazing capabilities.

Peace, love and Light

Janey -500188

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