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Synastry and Frequencies

“Brainwave frequencies, Saturn Returns, the soul mate test and Synastry (relationship compatibility) and how these can affect Love Relationships”

A blog article by Janey – 500188


There are two types of soulmate: True and genuine soul mates/twin flames/astrological twins and ‘Red Herrings’ or fake soul mates.

The brainwave frequency transmission between true and genuine soul mates, twin flames and astrological twins is 639Hz, at the higher end of the Solfeggio frequency range. 639Hz is incredibly intense and often gives rise to people struggling to cope with this intensity.  Known as the soul mate frequency, it can be measured with specialist brainwave frequency equipment such as an electro gram. This is known as electroencephalography.

With ‘Red Herring’ (fake soul mates) the brainwave frequency transmission is usually at 529 HZ - the lower end of the end of the Solfeggio frequency range.

In my opinion, men get generally become physically attracted to women whereas women tend to become emotionally attached to men. So when men experience this intensity they will often struggle with it because the emotional connection is so strong.  In some instances men will bolt and run for cover behind a partner whose transmission is 528Hz!

As an astrologer, I use a high end astrology programme called Kepler. This enables me to produce what is called a Synastrical report on the compatibility of couples. From this I can tell if people are true and genuine soul mates, twin flames or astrological twins, who were born into this incarnation to marry that specific partner or whether they are ‘Red Herring’ (fake soul mates) and not really meant to be.  I can produce a Synastrical report and analyse it during a 20 minute consultation over the phone, to give you conclusive proof as to how you stack up as a couple.

It is imperative that you have a synastrical report drawn up before you go falling in love as it can save so much heartache and time wastage. It’s a vital step to take if you are a woman and conscious of your biological clock ticking away on you!

In order to draw up a synastrical report you will need to provide me with the following data for each of you (you and your partner):

  • Full date of birth (ie: 6th June 1990).
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth down to the nearest major town or city (ie: York, England, United Kingdom).

The time of birth and the place of birth determine your ascendant or rising sign. This is a vitally important factor in astrology.

In cases where your exact time of birth is unknown, I can direct you to a free App online which can be used to draw up what is known as a birth time rectification. This will reveal your true birth time. It is easy to use.

If you are true and genuine soul mates, twin flames or astrological twins then you will be transmitting on 639Hz. This can explain why you are encountering problems in your relationships, not only because 639Hz is often too intense for men to cope with in these powerful relationships, but because you will be subject to something known as the ‘soul mates test’. This is an arduous experience, often exclusive to true soul mates. More than likely one or other or both of you will also be enduring something called a “Saturn Return” phase. These happen every 7 years of your life from the age of 7. They last for 1 to 3 years at a time and often the year leading up to them and the year leading out of them will be affected too. 

Saturn Returns can see people repelling others out of their lives and attracting people they will be negatively affected by also. Many people will experience a multitude of life problems during Saturn Return phases, such as getting restless in relationships; hence the “7 year itch” kicks in. Midlife crisis events often coincide with Saturn Returns too – they can be the cause of them.

So if this sounds like you, blame Saturn the trouble maker! Saturn is about “Out with the old and in with the new. What no longer serves you has to go!”

To resolve relationship struggles, you have to look for the root cause; only when you find this can you begin to resolve the struggles. Removing or at least understanding the root cause will in theory stop the struggles from perpetuating, but you will never resolve any problem unless you remove the root cause of it.

I have specialist expertise in resolving problems caused by Saturn Return issues, soul mate tests and even in compensating for shortcomings in your Synastry – in particular the absence of a karmic marriage link. This can be resolved by having a specialist spiritual marriage done remotely using remote influencing techniques – something I am qualified to advanced post graduate level in. This involves the marrying of souls, but this is only ethical if your Synastrical scores are at soul mate level.

Knowledge is power.

I believe that every problem is soluble. Nothing is impossible, everything is possible and using my specialist expertise, borne out 47 years if intensive research into matters of the heart and relationships, even the toughest challenges can yield a happy ending.

Relationships can be tough and challenging.  Soul mates can be reunited if estranged and love triangles can also be resolved, so if you are experiencing any love relationship issues call me and let me help you with my specialist expertise it’s what I do best.

I am also a brain entrainment consultant – I sense frequencies via voice vibrations when I read for you over the phone. I can tune in with your loved one via your voice vibrations and strengthen the telepathic link between you and your partner to make it easy for you to converse telepathically and I can teach you how to do this and also how to remote influence the positive changes you desire in love and in life. I can do this during a 20 minute consultation with you, it’s really very simple and yet highly effective not to mention positively life changing – but are you really ready for positive change that will last? Call me when you are, I’m ready when you are!

There is more to the human connection then you may think, especially in love relationships!

Nothing you desire is out of reach, contrary to what you might believe.  Don’t be fooled by what ‘appears to be’. Sometimes things are not always as they seem to be.

A positive mental attitude is vital to success and getting what you want from life and I can help you with this too.

The first important step to take is to find out whether you are with a true and genuine soul mate or just a ‘Red Herring’.  Please be sure to check this out before you let yourself fall in love. If you already have fallen for someone, it is still vital you check out the Synastry (relationship compatibility) of your union.

Never give up on a soul mate if you have one and become estranged from them. I can help bring them back to you the easy and effective way and without doing anything contrary to karma or forcing the free will of anyone. Remote influencing is in NO way an esoteric modality, so there is no need to worry about any negative karmic consequences, as with using esoteric workings.

An amazing journey of discovery awaits you.  Call me when you are ready to embark on yours!

I care because you matter.

Love, enlightenment and peace,

Janey  –  PIN 500188

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