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Neural Triggers

Neural Triggers’ can trigger off extreme reactions!

During my many years of working as a remote viewer and remote influencer, I was contacted by a lovely lady from Scotland, UK. I will refer to her as “A” for confidentiality purposes.

A worked for a major UK banking group and was sent down to Bournemouth to a three day conference. It was there that A met a lovely man (who I will refer to as R for confidentiality purposes). They really hit it off and had a wonderful time together at the conference. He was also in banking.

As A was leaving Bournemouth to return to Scotland she said to R, “Oh you must come up and stay with me”. Much to her surprise, R replied “Oh that is a long way to walk; I don’t think I could walk that far to come and see you”! 

A thought R was joking with her but as it happens, he was serious. A quizzed R as to what the problem was.  R told A that all of his life he had had this phobia about traveling in anything that was on wheels!  R had never been outside of the area he lived in and walked everywhere.

Because of this A had to travel down to Bournemouth from Scotland to see R. They had fallen in love already and they were soul mates. A made the pilgrimage every weekend she could.

Two years later, A went down to see R and he surprised her by proposing marriage. She accepted and the surprise party that R had arranged happened that very weekend. But then as A was leaving to go back to Scotland on the Sunday night , not looking forward to a long drive home in the torrential rain, the front entrance door of R’s ground floor flat would not open, it was jammed. They tugged and tugged and nothing would budge it. A asked R if she could try a trick her father had once used on a jammed door and R was happy to let her, so A kneed the door at a lower point pushed the door and then tugged it whilst trying to turn the latch. She managed to get the door open, but no sooner she did R became hysterical, shouting “No, no you mustn’t leave! You will have an accident and it will kill you, I am not letting you leave, you have to stay here!” A was unable to calm R down, his behaviour was completely bizarre.

A had not told R that the reason she needed to get back to Scotland so urgently was that she had a job interview for a higher post, based down in the banks Bournemouth branch! Not wanting to build his hopes up, she had decided to see if she was offered it before surprising him by telling him that they would be able to see more of each other.  She insisted that she had to leave to get back for work, but this just made R worse. He became more and more agitated when he could not persuade her to stay and eventually just threw her bags out in the rain and slammed the door on her, leaving her to carry her bags to the car in the torrential rain.

A tried to phone R from her car but he would not answer.  A was very upset but started her drive back to Scotland.  She stopped at a motorway services and phoned R, who answered this time and told her they were over and not to bother him again.  A was distraught and in tears.

By the Tuesday R had changed his phone number and she was unable to reach him. So A rang me to ask for help.

I was commissioned to remote view R and then remote influence him to contact A and mend their relationship.

I discovered, through remote viewing, that in a past life R had been engaged to a lady who lived in a neighbouring county in the UK. In this past life his parents were wealthy and owned a large palatial home.  In one remote viewing session I saw R’s past self driving his fiancé home after an engagement party on a Sunday evening. The car, an engagement present from his parents, was navigating a sharp bend in a country road when suddenly another car, driven by a drunk driver, crashed into them. Their car overturned, his fiancé was flung out of the car but he was trapped in the wreckage as the car door wouldn’t open, he tried in vain to open the jammed passenger door but could not get it open, he watched his fiancé die on the road in front of him. He was later found unconscious in the wreckage of the car and was freed from the car, but even though he had survived he blamed himself for the death of his fiancé and he sadly took his life. 

So when he was faced with a jammed front door on his flat, on a night he had just become engaged and as his fiancé was going to leave to drive home in a car, on a Sunday evening, it activated what is called a neural trigger which paralleled the tragic events in his past life.

I was able to resolve the situation and bring about a reunion between A and R by using my specialist expertise in remote abreactions and remote influencing. Remote abreaction is a process which removes painful memories and deactivates harmful neural triggers. It can be highly beneficial, it’s completely ethical and many people find it has hugely positive effects.

Within 48 hours of my work for this lovely lady from Scotland, her fiancé phoned her asking her why she had not been in touch! I instructed her not to mention what happened and to say that she had tried to call him but his number had gone down. He was puzzled as to why the number had changed but gave her his new number, but then the most amazing twist in the story occurred….

He asked her if she was going to visit him that weekend and she said that she would love to, upon which he told her that he wouldn’t be able to see her for a couple of hours on the Saturday as he had booked a 2 hour driving lesson as he felt he needed to learn to drive after his boss suggested he apply for a higher position in the bank which was coming up, but which required him to be able to drive between branches! A was beyond shocked.

That weekend A went to stay with R and she stood on his doorstep with his parents in a state of utter disbelief as he got into a driving instructors car and drove off for his driving lesson, waving as the car drove away to a safe spot to start the course!

A and R both got their promotions at work, A moved to Bournemouth from Scotland, they bought a house together after living in his flat for a few months, they got married and they now have two beautiful children.  R passed his driving test and now they travel extensively together when time off from work permits.

But had the problem of the neural trigger not been resolved, a soul mate couple would have spent their lives apart and how tragic that would have been.  This was only one case where deactivating damaging neural triggers has made a hugely positive impact upon the lives of many. So, if you have experienced extreme reactions, phobias and panics and anxieties that seem hard to explain, perhaps bear in mind that a neural trigger could be the cause! 

Only when you remove the root cause of a problem do you resolve it, because in removing the root cause of the problem, you effectively remove the basis for it to persist. It really is that simple! So often we overlook the simplest ways to solve problems when the answer more often than not is in plain sight!  Many people seem to want to make problems more complex by looking for complex solutions when there is no need to do this. How curious that we have a tendency to do this!

There are so many ways in which problems can be resolved. I believe that everything is possible, nothing is impossible. My life’s work has been in problem solving and I care, because you really matter. If you would like some expert guidance on this matter, why not call me? I am only too happy to help you. 

Peace, love and light,

Janey – 500188.

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