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A Far Out Experiment

A Far Out Experiment

During my days as a university student,   I decided to join an amazing group called “Creative Psychology”. This put me in touch with people researching psychology at Liverpool University, including a guy called Keith who was doing his PhD in Lucid Dream research. He was an amazing and very interesting guy.

Keith had heard about my out of body experiences and he asked me if I had ever had any lucid dreams. I told him I had. He asked me if I would volunteer to spend 10 consecutive nights in his sleep laboratory in the Eleanor Rathbone building at Liverpool University, to take part in some experiments as part of his research. I was honoured by the invite and agreed enthusiastically to take part.

I arrived at the sleep laboratory at 9 pm on a Monday evening and was greeted by Keith. A mass of electrodes were glued to my scalp and I was then asked to lie on the bed in the sleep laboratory, with the wires from the electrodes on my scalp secured by tape into a junction box above my head, which was on the sill of a one way mirror between the sleep room and the monitoring room next door.

Keith told me just to go to sleep whilst his electro-polygraph encephalogram in the next room monitored my EEG (brainwave pattern), ERG, (my respiration), ECG (my heart rate and rhythm and my EOG (my eye movements).  Keith was monitoring the output on long streams of paper coming out of the electro-polygraph-encephalogram during the night. I was monitored for 12 hours at a time.

Keith knew when I was dreaming by my EOG pattern. We dream every 90 minutes during our sleeping hours, in what is known as REM sleep (Rapid eye movement sleep). Keith was amazed at how many lucid dreams I had, apparently many more than most. We often got chatting after the experiments and on one occasion the subject of out of body experiences (OBES) came up in conversation. This was a subject both Keith and I had an avid interest in.

I have been having out of body experiences since I died at the age of 3 from meningitis and my Dad, overcome with shock and grief as our family doctor pronounced me dead, dropped to his knees aside my bed and hysterically thumped my chest, which brought me back to life. I had been paralysed for 3 months prior to my death and bedridden. But after being thumped back to life, I got out of bed and ran toward my Mum, the vicar, my great aunt and the family doctor who were stood in the doorway of my bedroom on the landing. They all passed out, thinking I was a ghost!

Keith, fascinated by this story, asked if I would be happy to volunteer to have an out of body experience to see if when I was out of my body, I could astrally project into his research room next door to the sleep laboratory and read a ten digit number off a test card propped up on his desk.

I agreed to take part in this far out experiment. It was so exciting!

Again Keith wired me up to the electro-polygraph-encephalogram with electrodes glued to my scalp and I was asked to lie on the bed in the sleep laboratory. Then, Keith (who was also a hypnotherapist) used a trigger to get me to have an out of body experience, this being to hypnotise me to have an out of body experience the minute he pricked my arm with a needle.

I had just astrally projected via an out of body experience into the doorway of Keith’s monitoring room next door and was reading the 10 digit number in the propped up test card on his desk, when the electro-polygraph-encephalogram sounded an alarm, to alert Keith, who was slumped against the machine falling asleep at the time, that a lifeless body was being recorded and I was flat-lining.

With a start, Keith jumped up from his seat and looked at the machine and saw I was flat-lining, so jumped up from his seat to rush into the room that my body was in next door. In doing so he ran right through me in the doorway, causing me a terrible physical shock. Keith saw me coming to on the bed and in an anxious voice shouted “What was the number, what was the number”!  I just  blurted out the 1o digit number and shocked Keith to the core!

Some months later, Keith asked if I would take part in a far out experiment in the London college, in a sleep laboratory there. I agreed of course.

I was not told what the far out experiment was about,  expect for being told that we were going to try another induced out of body experience and that this time I was to astrally project to Hyde Park Corner and report what happened when I did.

Unknown to me, a man in a sleep laboratory in another part of the college was asked to do the same.

Synchronised, both the man in the other laboratory and myself, were induced into an out of body experience and we ended up meeting at Hyde Park Corner where were had a conversation before being induced back to life. We both recalled word for word of the conversation which we had had at Hyde Park Corner! How far out is that?!

In another experiment I was asked to volunteer to have small incision made in my arm and told to flat-line, whilst a slow motion camera was pointed to the incision on my arm. I was induced into another out of body experience, and I saw myself lying on the bed with the camera pointed to my arm.

Many people believe that you can only safely flat line for two and a half minutes of mortal time, before you die completely.

I was brought back to find that the incision had pretty much healed. Calculations proved that two and a half minutes of mortal time is equivalent to 200 hours of immortal time and thus healing, proving that we heal when we die.  How mind blowing is that?!

Perhaps induced coma’s go some way toward the same level of healing?

There are many dimensions in time and space that we have yet to comprehend but my days of taking part in far out experiments has taught me that it is amazing when research expands the boundaries we perceive to be the case.

This sort of research comes under the umbrella of State Specific Science – the science of altered states of consciousness.

There are many dimensions yet to explore but the dimensions I have explored have left me believing that there is much more to heaven and earth than meets the eye!

If you would like any guidance on parapsychological, metaphysical or paranormal matters, why not give me a call, I am right here for you and happy to offer my expertise.

Isn’t life and all beyond it amazing?!

Look forward to your call.

Peace, love and Light,

Janey - 500188

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