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I have been reading Tarot for many years, using my clairsentience and empathic intuition to enhance my interpretation of the cards. To fine-tune my skills I took a Feathers Academy Psychic Development Workshop several years ago, with Jackie Dennison and Steve Furlong. I've also taken Colette Baron-Reid's Personal Mastery course in Oracle card reading to add to my skills. I pull five Tarot cards for IM and concise email readings, also pulling Oracle cards where needed for clarity. For the IM readings, it's a good idea to stick around for all five cards and a synopsis of the energy surrounding your situation with all the cards as the whole story. I do a Celtic Cross Tarot reading for comprehensive email readings, again, adding the clarity of Oracle cards where needed. I offer insightful and honest readings, telling you the energy around your situation, suggesting how you might change the energy if needed, or how best to embrace it, as well as the potential I can see for you.

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Wendakai offers a concise reading of 500 words for $24.99 and a comprehensive reading of over 1000 words for $46.99

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Book Week: Uncommon Enchantment
Wendakai - 10th July 2018

Reader Wendakai writes: "So many romance novels feature beautiful, perfect people, but the rest of us have love stories to tell as well"

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EmilyRated: 5 

Thank you for a good reading :) x

Tracey SeymourRated: 5 

Excellent reading, thank you.