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I am an expert tarot reader, psychic and astrologer with 20 years' experience and great insight into psychology, the mind and human nature. I am also a reiki master and healer, with great knowledge of herbalism, flower remedies, chakra and energy balancing. As a professional writer I have recently been working around dream analysis, how to access and best utilise the law of attraction and I am a romantic enough to have specialised in soul connections for many lives. ♥ You will receive healing and calm the minute you connect to me, as a come from psychic healers on the Irish and the Celtic side of my family. I was raised by cats as much as humans and am surrounded by my ancestors and loved ones on the other side. ♥namaste♥

Waxyjo's expertises include:

Tarot - Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Spirit Coach - Astrology


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ChristineRated: 5 

Thank you for the reading. You picked up on relevant things and yes, 4 years ago was a particularly tough time due to loss. Thank you again.