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A born dreamer, I see visions with my Tarot cards and can determine when the love of your life, when they will turn up, or return to you. Using astrology I can show you your path, and guide you to your perfect career, and help you to identify any blocks in your way and provide you quick fixes using feng shui and the Law of Attraction techniques, I am also an expert at dream analysis and animal wisdom. As reiki master, you will automatically receive healing when connected to my energy and my understanding of health, herbs and remedies has been passed down by generations of healers. Please send your time, date and place of birth for email readings, I love to be able to provide absolute detail for you, I am a pioneering astrologer with 20 years' experience and connections to the best in the business. You won't find a more detailed and insightful personal response elsewhere ♥ As always, reiki blessings ♥ Namaste ♥

Waxyjo's expertises include:

Tarot - Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Spirit Coach - Astrology


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Waxyjo's Blogs and Articles

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Waxyjo - 28th January 2021

We all know the saying "Faith Can Move Mountains", but is it true? Read on to find out!

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Waxyjo - 7th January 2021

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Reviews for Waxyjo (3)

Eleanor SRated: 5 

Waxjo, thank you. Thank you for the care, kindness and love poured into your response. It was accurate, encouraging & moving on a spiritual level, and I was moved to healing tears at every point that rang true (I cried a lot lol). Thank you for being here. For helping. I felt your Reiki. Bless you x

LindaGRated: 5 

I went into this reading wanting an answer, and getting it - but not as I'd expected... and it just made so much sense and truly opened my eyes. Beautiful, warming, endearing, spot on... This lady sees your soul and goes for what you need, not what you want to hear. My warmest thank you!

ChristineRated: 5 

Thank you for the reading. You picked up on relevant things and yes, 4 years ago was a particularly tough time due to loss. Thank you again.