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I am a reader of astrology, spirit guides, angel cards, runes, enlightenment cards, tarot/oracle cards. I have been working with the Spirit world for more than 30 years. I use my psychic abilities to interpret what the cards are trying to say. Tell me your problems and with the use of the cards I will help you to decide what decisions can be made for you to have the best solution. The tarot and the other oracle cards all help to give insight to questions asked by using different spreads. There are the one card, with a straightforward question, there is also 3 card spread which gives you the past present and future about a situation, or the first card tells you the attitude in which you should approach a situation or challenge. The second card tells the best way to shift the energy to a higher vibration. The third card shows what you have overlooked and need to be aware of in order to bring about a positive outcome. The Celtic Cross spread of the tarot gives an overview of your life at present.

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Tarot - Angel Cards - Runes - Astrology

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AfifRated: 5 

I have used this reader many times and all I can say I will keep using her only as she has given me enlightened way forward which with small steps from myself has helped me to see things in different view. Trixie never gave up on me despite I nearly had lost all hope but now I am moving forwards, thanks.