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I was taught the art of Fortune Telling and Cartomancy by a beloved Grandmother. She had the vision to use the Tarot, playing cards, found objects and tea leaves. For my confirmation gift she gave some rosary beads and my first deck of Tarot Cards. 30 years later and the cards are still imparting their endless wisdom, everyday a journey. Having immersed myself in books on esoteric science and theology I realised that I needed a teacher. In 2006 I traveled to India to be initiated into the mystic path of Sant Mat by a Living Master; an experience I will never forget. My Tarot readings are both traditional and intuitive, I also draw upon Gnostic and Jungian psychology to explain the moment with clarity. This gives the client answers to any question and offers workable choices for their life path. As a Leo I can be proud and loyal, but don't worry I'm a lover not a fighter! You can often find me at fairs and festivals keeping the tradition of Tarot alive and well.

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Tierney's Blogs and Articles

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Reviews for Tierney (7)

rose08Rated: 5 

I had a reading from Tierney today, and it was refreshing to hear how accurate he was, connecting on a deeper level, a real genuine reader, said things that meant a lot to me, he connected a lot more than he realised, I highly recommend him! Thank you Tierney, I will call again, Bless You x

woonkeat87Rated: 5 

Thank you for all the Love and Light you always express in your readings!

N xRated: 5 

I'm surprised that Tierney doesn't have more testimonials! It was my first reading with him today and he was such a pleasure to talk to. Tierney was so quick at picking up on my current situation and the male in my life, down to his emotions and physical features. I will definitely be calling up for another reading! A lot of what predicts matches details that have been given to me in past readings from other accurate and reliable psychics and mediums, so that in itself is validation for me. He's a great reader and highly recommended. x