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Welcome to my world. I work through Clairvoyance and precognitive abilities. I also utilize a basic card reading when I feel the person seeking help has need of it. I have helped people for 35+ years and pray to the angels that I will be able to continue to help others for another 35+ years. I am also proficient in Astrology and the concept of Karma and what it means. My email readings are thorough and will be done with a combination of a card layout and consultation with my guides. Find out what you need to know and although I cannot give you 100% on exact dates I will narrow it down to a workable guideline for you to help you deal with life challenges. Try me and see.

Star Sapphire's expertises include:

Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Astrology


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Reviews for Star Sapphire (5)

SamRated: 5 

Star Sapphire's reading was amazing, she went into great detail and has really given me hope. I will definitely be recommending her to my friends and family. I received my email reading within a few hours of paying for it.

CRated: 5 

What a lovely reading!! So beautiful and looking forward to predicated timeframes. Spot on about certain things!! Will definitely come back!

tushar sarkarRated: 4 

Absolutely right on the composition of the team that considered my case. The time required by them is also predicted correctly. The prediction of the outcome seemed wrong. Interested in follow ip