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For most of my life I have felt as a strange type of intuition about certain events in the near future. I've predicted changes in my friend’s personal lives and circumstances. I have even had the honour of vivid visions and mental images from where they came I do not know. While I cannot guarantee I can see into a specific event, my talent seems to stem from the ability to see small pockets of future events. I take great care in my predictions as I know it can be dangerous to predict events or tell someone do a certain thing at a certain time. I can help with the anxieties of the future as certain events make themselves clear in my mind. All I require is your name and age through my strong sense of premonition I may be able to, for a moment, see into events in your life yet to come. I also, with time, help you understand aspects of yourself that you may not even realise you had. The human psyche is a great many fathoms deep and our ability for cognitive thought and intuition is complex and ancient.

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Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium

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