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Let me be your love expert. With my 10+ years of reading Tarot, as well as Lenormand and Oracle cards, combined with my skills as a life and relationship coach, I am well poised to read your cards and give you the best advice for going forward. I can give you a quick and direct reading through IM chat, but if you want an in depth look at your situation it’s best to request an email reading. I can then deeply meditate on your question and hear the cards say even more, giving you a greater overview and even further action points. Let’s connect and let me help you move further down your life path.

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Sara L is not available for IM readings at the moment.

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Are you looking for an in-depth reading on a specific question? Want something you can refer back to again and again? Our email readers can help and guide you to get the answers you seek.

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Sara L offers a concise reading of 500 words for $29.99 and a comprehensive reading of over 1000 words for $56.99

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Reviews for Sara L (2)

AnonRated: 5 

Thank you so much Sara for your lovely email reading. So accurate and positive. Would highly recommend.

SteveRated: 5 

Had 2 email readings by Sara. I have to say 'spot on' with everything that she raised...quite impressive actually...and there was no skimping on the information given as she took the time to reveal everything that needed to be shared. Worthy of 5 stars!