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Queen of Cups

I am an intuitive Tarot reader specialising in twin flame and love readings. Although I have been able to pick up other people’s energies from a young age, my psychic and intuitive gifts were awaken upon meeting my twin flame and after losing my brother. I am mostly clairaudient (I hear the messages) and also experience clairvoyance during meditation. After a meditation session to connect with your energies, I use a mix of tarot and oracle cards to get an overview of the current energies both your situation, yourself and your person, any potential blockages and advice going forward, depending on how details you want your reading to be. I tend to free style my spreads and I endeavour to be sensitive yet always truthful when relaying the messages through the cards. I look forward to helping you access your inner guidance.

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Tarot - Psychic - Astrology

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