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I have been gifted since I was a little girl to be able to communicate proficiently with spirit. In the last ten years I learned how to perfect and fine tune my gifts, I currently have all my chairs open (I can see, hear, speak, visualize and understand, I also feel with my body as well). I undertook a lot of training to make sure that I was utilizing everything properly. I currently am certified in Usui reiki (master), Kemetic reiki (master), human design, dragon codes, dragon reiki and rose codes. I've also worked with many gifted mediums to allow me to understand my gifts and the full potential that they are, I teach as well as guide people into removing the blocks. I am proficient in akashic records (past life readings, as well as shadow self or inner child work) able to integrate and heal your timelines together. I use Tarot, bones, crystals and my natural gifts to get you the answers you need. being able to communicate with spirit as well allows me to help you through your life.

Kari's expertises include:

Tarot - Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Angel Cards - Spirit Coach

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Calls cost $39.95 for a 20 minute reading with the option to extend for $34.95 for each additional 20 minutes. Alternatively you can pay as you go with credits for $2.25 per minute.

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Credit calls cost 225 credits per minute.

18+ Only. Live calls recorded. For entertainment purposes only. Promotional messages may be sent. For help and marketing opt out call 1-844-549-1116

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