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Hi, I'm an intuitive Spirit Medium with 26 years experience. My gift has been passed down through the family on my mother's side. I can be a link between you and loved ones in Spirit, to prove they are still there, to help to heal the pain. I can guide you on relationships, life, work etc. I shine light on problems and solutions, to help you to see the way. As I am also an Empath with the benefit of Clairsentient, Clairaudient and Claircognizant skills, I get a rounded view to help you. I use my Tarot cards and Crystal Ball to focus, then linking in with Spirit, I can help to guide you through any issues you may have or answer specific questions. I link in with animals and people and have passed on messages from people and people's pets/animal companions in Spirit. I find it easy to put myself in your shoes, which helps to see your situation. I can also help to guide you if you feel stuck, to help to get your life on track. Thanks, Ivy :)

Ivy's expertises include:

Tarot - Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium

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Ivy's Blogs and Articles

Self-Shielding & Protection
Ivy - 25th May 2023

Do you feel ‘drained’ and stressed after going shopping or being in a busy / crowded environment?

Spirit Lights and Orbs
Ivy - 25th March 2021

A trick of the light, or a message from Spirit? What are the mysterious orbs sometimes seen in photos?

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Ivy is a very gifted individual and I was amazed by how precise the information she was able to provide for current, future, past and even my past life which is connected to what I have experienced recently. I highly recommend Ivy. She is very kind & thoughtful! Thank you Ivy for all your readings.