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The Universe has brought you here for a reason, I am here for you. I am a very experienced card reader as well as creator of Tarot decks and I am psychic, clairvoyant and a medium as well as animal empath. I was born with these extra senses and found I can use them to help people find clarity and help them with any issues. Do you want a message or advice from the other side? Do you have something you need guidance on? You can ask me anything. I have been a Tarot and Astrology reader for over 40 years as well as a successful medium and I can use a crystal ball, runes and pendulum too, let me help you find answers to your problems, I have read for many people (and animals) over the years and have lots of happy clients who come back whenever they need to talk. I know have this gift as a blessing to guide you onto the right path and I have a lifetime of experience. You can trust me to tell you the truth no matter what the question is. Let me and my spirit guides help you today. Namaste.

Forest Spirit's expertises include:

Tarot - Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Angel Cards


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Reviews for Forest Spirit (3)

CharlesRated: 5 

Forest Spirit was so kind and accurate with her reading, I will be visiting her again. Thankyou

SashaRated: 5 

Thank you very much for a great reading. Very prompt and quick to answer. Highly recommended.

CallyRated: 5 

I've just had an email reading completed by Forest Spirit, and can honestly say she gave me the hope I was looking for. Was spot on with certain things and now very hopefully. Thank you so much. x