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I am a highly gifted Tarot reader; I am able to provide clarity to any question you ask. I have officially been reading for three years, and have taken up reading professionally recently as a means to spend more time with my young daughter and extend further on my already quite developed reading skills.

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Eye Insight Tarot is not available for IM readings at the moment.

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Email Readings by Eye Insight Tarot

Are you looking for an in-depth reading on a specific question? Want something you can refer back to again and again? Our email readers can help and guide you to get the answers you seek.

Choose a concise reading for a response of 500 words or more. For a deeper look, select a comprehensive reading of 1000 words or more.

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Eye Insight Tarot offers a concise reading of 500 words for $24.99 and a comprehensive reading of over 1000 words for $46.99

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