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Hi, I'm Soph and I am an intuitive psychic and I use Tarot, Angel cards and Runes to help pass on messages. I started off helping friends and family, decided to join and read for others. Everything has gone so well and now I focus helping people getting the clarity they need, help them find their own abilities, spiritual journey, self confidence and go after what they have been searching for their whole life.

Empathic Lady's expertises include:

Psychic - Clairvoyant - Angel Cards - Spirit Coach - Astrology


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Empathic Lady's Blogs and Articles

Astrology and Emotions
Empathic Lady - 16th November 2016

In this article I will be talking about our emotions and seeing where we see it in our birth chart and how and what makes us and gives us di...

Empathic Lady Astrology - Week 2
Empathic Lady - 21st October 2016

When people think of astrology they think of their zodiac signs but astrology is so much better than that! Today we discuss Psychic abilitie...

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