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I am a tell it like it is Clairvoyant Psychic/Intuitive Medium, teacher and healer. My specialty is Evidential Mediumship, Past Life readings, Oracle and Angel card guidance and Animal communication in addition to energy healing with Reiki and Crystals. Using my connection with my Guides and your loved ones I connect with your energy to provide clear evidence and guidance in all areas of your life. I have been an animal communicator and reading past lives since the age of 4. I also have had a strong Claircognizant ability since early childhood. I have received formal training and accredidation from James Van Praagh, Medium Charlie Kelly, Julian Jenkins, and Tony Stockwell, and still continue to further my skills and abilities. I look forward to connecting with you and those you love to bring guidance and clarity to your world.

Celticangel64's expertises include:

Tarot - Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Angel Cards - Spirit Coach

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Calls cost $29.95 for a 20 minute reading with the option to extend for $25.95 for each additional 20 minutes. Alternatively you can pay as you go with credits for $1.75 per minute.

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Credit calls cost 175 credits per minute.

18+ Only. Live calls recorded. For entertainment purposes only. Promotional messages may be sent. For help and marketing opt out call 1-800-297-9784

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Reviews for Celticangel64 (5)

Alicia~Rated: 5 

Thank you in a way that there are no early words for. You are the first to help direct actively guide. I have work to get back to my core. My energy would of sent any other reader running. Your are a fortress & a light. I have work to do with hope. I will be back. I'm listening. Bless you.

CarolineRated: 5 

You was dead on spot. He made call exactly 24hrs after we spoke last night and asked exactly where I was moving to. Wow

SvRated: 5 

Impeccably perceptive and accurate, thorough and deliberate explanation regarding the situation and how to overcome, thank you Christine.