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I am an accredited Psychic/Spiritual Medium, teacher and healer. My specialty is Evidential Mediumship, Energy Healing, Past Life readings, Oracle and Angel card guidance and Animal communication. Using my connection with my Guides and your loved ones I psychically connect with your energy to provide clear evidence and guidance. I have been an animal communicator and reading past lives since the age of 4. When I developed an auto immune disease that almost crippled me 30 years ago, I became a Reiki Master and Crystal healer and so began to further develop my connection with Spirit. I have received formal training and accredidation from James Van Praagh, Medium Charlie Kelly, Julian Jenkins, and Tony Stockwell. I look forward to connecting with you and those you love to bring guidance and clarity to your world.

Celticangel64's expertises include:

Tarot - Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Angel Cards - Spirit Coach

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Reviews for Celticangel64 (3)

SvRated: 5 

Impeccably perceptive and accurate, thorough and deliberate explanation regarding the situation and how to overcome, thank you Christine.

FraRated: 5 

Always very accurate.

NitaRated: 5 

Very accurate reading, thank you.