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I’ve been reading Tarot cards intuitively for around 20 years with the help of my spirit team. I like to stick with the traditional Rider Waite based Tarot decks as I personally find them more trustworthy and that they offer me more clarity within a reading. I like to think they reflect me and my personality as a reader! Honest, no nonsense and to the point. I do have a number of decks all with their own “personalities” and areas of expertise so I like to intuitively match the deck with the individual I’m reading for and their specific area of concern/interest in their life at this time. I specialise in written readings as I find it helps focus my intuition and helps my creativity flow with the added benefit of something to refer back to at a later date! I am also an energy healer and crystal healer so always work with crystals when completing a reading. I’d love to help you and hopefully offer some clarity and comfort particularly in this difficult year so please get in touch.

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Tarot - Psychic - Astrology

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