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I am a Master Tarot reader and Trance Session therapist. I have been reading Tarot for over fifteen years and teaching it as a tool for self help for about three years. I offer a number of readings which are a little different from the traditional and are designed to put you on the path to healing and better self care. I also encourage client autonomy. I won’t tell you what is going to happen but rather give you a means by which you can examine your options. Tarot is a fantastic way to start to unpick complex problems, open dialogue and find a way forward. I look forward to reading for you. x

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Tarot - Spirit Coach


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Reviews for Anita V (9)

Veronica SheehyRated: 5 

Thank you once again Anita for your very encouraging and positive reading. I still haven't received word as to the outcome, but with your help I am now much more confident and mentally prepared to face whatever that outcome may be. Thank you.Veronica.

VeronicaRated: 5 

Thank you Anita for a surprising and thought provoking reading. I have decided not to make a commitment, because even though things seem cozy and nice for now, my heart just isn't truly there. TBH if it wasn't for my little girl, he wouldn't even get a look in x

LynneRated: 5 

Anita I am taken back by your accuracy of my situation but not surprised , it feels like you are me and it is a comfort knowing that you do understand. I still don't know how to move forward yet but just feel that maybe my life's journey will get better. Thank you xx