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I specialise in my own way of reading in which I use spirits to analyse the situation. I have always been sensitive to unseen influences and able to recognise people’s inner most feelings, hopes, desires and fears. I use the spirit to explain present past and future circumstances. I am also specialised in interpreting dream visions in which I can tell you what your dream indicates in regards to your future or present circumstances.

Anastasia's expertises include:

Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium

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Reviews for Anastasia (2)

AnonRated: 5 

There was a lot in Anastia's reading and she hit the nail on the head with the scenario of my relationship which is still the case and one of her predictions came to the fore - so thank you Anastasia X

josephineRated: 5 

Wwhat can I say Anastasia is excellent and if I ever have a question it will be he ill talk to spot on accurate and to the point love always xx