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I will give you an insight into your past, present and future and perhaps make you realize things you never did. I will answer your questions in detail - although please be aware they may not always be what you want to hear. I listen to Spirit guides and I use clairvoyance in every reading. Questions you may ask may include the following: Will I get my ex back? Will I ever love again? Will my money situation improve, if so, how? What are my career prospects? Whether you believe in them or not, it is hard to deny the legitimacy you can get from a tarot spread and it is undeniable proof of the spirit realm. I have been doing this for many years and I have been told in the past that I have a 'Sixth Sense' therefore I can guarantee insightful results every time. Before I do your reading I will meditate and form a gateway between myself and the cards, which are simply there as a language to read when interpreting your life.

Alex A's expertises include:

Tarot - Psychic - Clairvoyant


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