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Which Reader Do I Choose?
At Ask The Answer we have many readers all of which have a variety of different ways in which they can provide you with the answers you require.  There are several factors that go into choosing which reader to connect with, some people like to choose based on the particular skill of a reader, if you are looking for a message from a lost loved one then you are likely to choose a medium, if you are looking into the past, present and future of a particular situation you may choose a tarot card reader or psychic.

All of our readers have extensive profiles where they explain how they work, what skills they utilize when they give readings, they also all have audio introductions so if you’re not sure which one to choose by what they have written and wish to listen to their voice to see if there is a connection then you can listen to their profile messages on the telephone prior to choosing your reader.

How Do I Contact A Telephone Reader?
There are several ways in which you can consume for your telephone reading, if you would like to pay for your reading on your telephone bill you can find the premium rate access number on the number panel on the top right hand corner of the website or listed on the readers profile page.

If you wish to pay via Paypal then you can purchase credits to spend on the telephone line by either visiting the profile page of a chosen reader or by visiting www.asktheanswer.com/paypal  Once you have purchased your credits you can call the Paypal access number and have your reading.

If you would like to pay for your reading via your credit or debit card then you have several options, you can call one of the two access numbers at the top right hand corner of your website.  For those calling on mobiles or have national rate calls included in their home telephone package there is an 01223 number for you to dial, if you do not have 01223 numbers in your call package you can call our 0800 free access number.

Our alternative to these numbers is for us to call you!  This can be done by entering your telephone number and payment details onto our secure payment page and then browsing the website, choosing your selected reader and clicking on one of the icons on their contact card, to do so please follow the instructions below:

Call Me: If you have ever looked at a list of online readers and chosen the one that you want only for when you rang up they were chosen by another caller before you had finished dialing, well ‘Call Me’ is the answer!  By clicking on the ‘Call Me’ icon you will be asked for the telephone number you want to have your reading from, then if you are a first time customer you will need to provide your billing details, then we call you!  Once connected, we dial your reader and connect the two of you together.

Queue Me: If your chosen telephone reader is currently in a consultation with another client then you can ensure that you are the next caller in line by clicking on the ‘Queue Me’ button.  Once the reader has concluded their current consultation our telephone system will dial you, then dial your chosen reader, connect the two of you together for your
reading and then process the payment.

Alert Me: If your chosen telephone reader is not online and available to take calls then by clicking on our ‘Alert Me’ button you can enter either your mobile telephone number or email address and you will be alerted once your chosen reader next logs into the system to take readings.  Also, when you make your request we also alert the reader of your choice so if they are available they will login as soon as they can to be available for your call.
The reader you have chosen is currently unavailable for phone readings, you can be alerted either by SMS or by email the next time they are ready to take your call by filling in your details below. By submitting this form it will also alert the reader to your request.

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