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The Ultimate Surrender

Whenever we decide to enter into a relationship we never really think about the cost or sacrifices we'll have to face. The tolerance of imperfections, quirky details and bad habits we just don't notice at first glance. Until we invest the time it takes getting to know a person we cannot let them into our hearts.

It is easier said than done to accept somebody for who they are. We actually think we know our beloved until a day comes along where their actions we're unpredictable and our expectations were disappointed. The #1 reason behind this is because we often subject our visual and social opinions of love from a theatrical viewpoint from TV, media, family or past experiences.

Spirit is always looking for a way to remind our hearts to clear our minds for messages and miracles that are often clouded by delusion. We can only give love from the reservoir we have within our own hearts. A well has to be primed and pumped and most of the time it is never done alone but together with a partner. Receptivity is the essence of a harmonious relationships, if somebody ever told you that giving your all without getting nothing in return was noble than please run, that is victimized thinking.

A car that runs on fuel has to have gas or eventually it will be empty. Just like cars we have to keep our love on too. Speaking as a woman who has been through her share of unbalanced relationships I can clearly remember times when I suppressed my Psychic energy in order to adapt to a man I knew had low frequency. This only caused conflict and turmoil until one day I had to make a choice for my absolute happiness and choose peace - no excuses. You deserve to be loved by the standards you're worthy of. So make it your vow today as Light workers and mother's to surrender fear of being alone and embrace Peace of Mind. Because if a man has Light for himself he will never leave you blind.


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