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Noel Sorbie

Energy - Done And Dusted

The festivities are over for another year a lot of us will be exhausted drained no energy, flat, maybe down in the dumps, maybe a relationship did not pan out the way you thought it would or that promotion you did not get, it could have been you were waiting for that long awaited job! 

The cold gets to you this time of year, perhaps a nice holiday in the sun! That’s just what the doctor ordered that would help to lift your mood energies you, perhaps your finances are low or you are in debt and you can’t get away for that all important Holiday.

You could be moving home there could be a delay but hey they say everything happens for a reason so maybe it’s a good idea to stay put for now, maybe that trip to another country did not happen and it all fell through, 

It maybe a good time to stand back and reflect and revaluate your situation.

There is away to put the positive energy back into your life by dialling a number making that vital call to one of your loved ones it could be your mother or father grandmother or grandfather or someone else you miss ask them to help you, after all they do have your best interests at heart, it could be a time of rejoicing looking forward to something you have forgotten about or missed.

Or maybe you thought not possible with a little word in the ear the spirit world can be at hand after all they have been known to move mountains, many changes are taking place now in your life very positive changes!! 

To clarify this why not give me a call, perhaps I can deliver through the voice of spirit that very important message!

Noel Sorbie  PIN number 500979


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