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Here you can find articles written by our team of trusted tarot readers, you can find information about all types of esoteric subjects.

Articles from the Ask The Answer community

The Magician CardThe Magician Card

24th February 2012 12:05 - Hilary

The Magician CardI believe that the tarot is more than simply a tool of divination, used properly it offers an opportunity to develop positive qualities and maybe a recognition that our outer circumstances are representative of our inner selves. It can also act as a map or travellers aid to discover where you are on the map of your life.

The magician is one of my favourite cards, when it appears you have a wonderful ability to reinvent yourself, direct your self, make things happen and realise your dreams. He arrives at a point when you accept yourself and are feeling balanced.

An example of the magician energy coming into my life was a magical experience from twenty years ago. It was in the large square of Jemaa El Fna in Marrakesh. It was a hot afternoon and whilst wandering alone amidst the snake charmers, monkeys, drummers and acrobats, one fortune teller stood out amongst the rest. She had a pencil thin figure reminiscent of a 1940’s Hollywood starlet with a long white robe dress, silver serpent armlets and a Cleopatra hairdo. She exuded glamour, a theatrical magic and mystery. She was reading the palm of a young Muslim woman in the spirit of interfaith fun. Time stood still amidst the frying smoke of delicious cooking smells, as I studied her for probably over an hour, willing her sorcery to enter me so I too could have her special powers. I made a pact to reinvent myself to buy a tarot deck as soon as I got back to London and learn to read fortunes. I had received my true calling.

The Magician has the magical ability to transform and change him or herself. Mundane ordinary events turn into magical experiences. Work and any thing creative are of particular importance and as such even an integral part of you.

The shadow side of the magician is the conman or trickster who plays games or creates illusions for personal gain. Women who have a fear of owning or manifesting their creative male side can project it onto a male figure in their life.

Ruled by the quick silver planet of communication Mercury the magician often means your own communicative powers are particularly enhanced creating numerous possibilities.


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