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I’m a very experienced, intuitive and psychic astrologer and tarot reader with almost 20 years’ experience. Having also studied twin flames and dream analysis for many years I specialise in offering deep insights into relationship issues and self healing. Also a reiki master with strong connections with my spirit guides, you can speak to me about any issues you want to sound out, seek advice on, or simply for a compassionate and supportive ear. I can offer a astrological reading in an email report, or provide a psychic, tarot reading in an email too. I am often online and available for live chat, although with a busy life of doing face to face readings also, cannot often commit to times in advance. When starting out on my astrological journey I became friends with the vey well known (sadly no longer of this world) Jonathan Cainer and stayed with his family. He was a great influence to me before and the synchronicity of this meeting was a great inspiration to my path and my belief in the law of attraction.

Waxyjo's expertises include:

Tarot - Psychic - Clairvoyant - Medium - Spirit Coach - Astrology


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Email Readings by Waxyjo

Waxyjo offers a concise reading of 500 words for $24.99 and a comprehensive reading of over 1000 words for $46.99

Please note: We are unable to answer questions to do with health, pregnancy, legal matters and finances. Replies to emails are usually within 24 hours, if it has been longer than 24 hours and you have not received a reply please contact our Customer Care team.

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ChristineRated: 5 

Thank you for the reading. You picked up on relevant things and yes, 4 years ago was a particularly tough time due to loss. Thank you again.