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About Anne-Marie     Tarot Reader  |  Tarot Teacher  |  Life Coach
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Hello, My name is Anne-Marie. I specialise in my own unique 2 card reading method which incorporates a major and minor card to give an in depth account of the questions being asked. I have always been sensitive to unseen influences and able to recognise peoples innermost feelings, hopes and fears. I use the tarot cards to explain your current or future circumstances and the background effects involved.

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Articles & Blogs written by Anne-Marie

Crystal Connections

Crystal Connections

8th May 2016 18:32

I always use several Crystals on a Tarot Reading. A terminated Clear Quartz to Amplify information a...

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Activate Your Angels!

Activate Your Angels!

12th December 2014 12:39

Belief in guardian angels or spirit guides can be traced throughout ancient times. Every individual ha...

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Discover Your Soul Card

Discover Your Soul Card

20th October 2014 11:34

These cards are found by combining a bit of numerology with the tarot. You take your birth date and re...

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Major Arcana - Quick Overview

Major Arcana - Quick Overview

17th October 2014 17:13

A brief checklist on all your Maior Arcana Cards. In general, Major Arcana cards impart messages of gr...

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A Snapshot Of Your Life!

A Snapshot Of Your Life!

14th August 2014 11:33

Anne-Marie explains how a Tarot Reading is like a snapshot of your life.

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Viking Runestones For Kids!

Viking Runestones For Kids!

6th August 2014 11:40

How to make your own runestones

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francina brumec

I just had a 20 min sess with my beautiful Anne-Marie...she is and has been such a support over many years now. In my darkest hour she has made me feel that I am worth all of lifes blessings and have much to look forward to. Time can weigh heavily when we are searching in the dark and this reader has been for me like a beacon of light shining my way home..god bless you Anne-Marie and I look forward to speaking toyou again as always..Francina 23/5/16

Profile picture

Where to begin about this reader... i cannot explain what a truly amazing and gifted reader this lady is... if i wrote a testimonial for every time i have had her help, there wouldnt be room for anyone else, she is amazing, and so gifted! during all of my tribulations over the past couple of years she has been wonderful, accurate and so lovely in the way she delivers the messages to me, she makes you understand beneath the surface of everything challenging and gets things so spot on, i feel she is the voice piece for the person whom i am making the call about. Love her beyond words, and so blessed to have found such a gifted reader through a very tough year of change and she has helped my journey that needed "patience"... Thank you Anne-Marie, you are a very special lady xxx

Profile picture
jude white

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance this years been the hardest year ever and you've been on the other end of the phone helping me through, some of your predictions seemed off the wall but came through true to form your one beautiful lady xx

Profile picture

Ann Marie is amazing! I love everything about her, she has calming energy and such a kind heart. And her readings blow my mind and inspire me. She is wonderful at helping you gain a clear perspective when you cannot see the wood from the trees. She's precise accurate and understanding and non judgemental and honestly every time I have had reading with her , I feel so much upliftment and her prediction recently came to light. She is truly wonderful , problem is I could listen to her all day, and the way she reads tarot is unique and is like telling you a story of what's going on in your life , when you cannot see all the pages yet. Absolutely amazing. Thanks so much Ann Marie you are a fantastic reader and a genuinely calming lovely beautiful lady. xx

Profile picture

had to readings with annmaria both the same out comes! i just look forward to your perdictions.

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